What Does an IQ Score of 150 to 300+ Mean?

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IQ scores between 150 to 300+Mean that you are exceptionally intelligent but that's quite very unusual.

IQ score of 150
IQ 150 to 300?
Any of these scores place you among the top 5% of the population, according to the statistical bell-shape curve of IQ. I50 is 35 points higher than the highest possible average (115) IQ score.

Having anything between 150 to 300 is far from any bullshit IQ score and you might begin to imagine yourself a fictional **Kyle XY**. Kudos to Matt Dallas, whose IQ we actually don't know.... but relates to 'weird and paranormal 'Intelligence Quotient' in that movie. 20th century too, William James Sidis lived to be the man with the highest IQ ever recorded in history,  his 250 to 300 IQ estimate might shock you, though we actually don't know how this estimate was made.

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Who doesn't want an IQ of 150+?
No one, I guess... but before you begin to fool yourself with insanely high IQ score, be informed that the digits you obtain are merely figures tha says some tiny fraction if your overall intelligence.

Why? IQ tests do no usually cover all domains of intelligence. Thus, it measures amcognitive abilities like abstract thinking, logical reasoning, verbal, quantitative reasoning, visuo-spatial tendencies, e learning and recall.

How exactly is IQ calculated?
The formula for calculating IQ is this archaic one:

IQ = MA/CA × 100
Where MA is Mental Age, CA is Chronological Age.

However, we can't really rely on this formula. Why? No one knows the most accurate calculation of Mental Age. The more you want to make it more accurate, the more you flaw it with more bias. Because of this, computerized scoring and interpretation were developed and IQ is calculated algorithmically.

I doubt if you really scored 150+ on an IQ test. Here are the reasons for such doubts:

1. You probably participate in an online IQ test free; most of which are merely random puzzles to solve.

2. The test you took was probably afflicted by test administrator's bias, and developer's bias.

3. IQ 150 isn't a rigid score. Why? It mught change over time, depending on several factors, most of which are environmental.

Take away
Creativity surpasses IQ and it is a grand principle to live by daily. Dare to be inventive by creatively putting actionable ideas into action now, start now.

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