What Does an IQ Score of 143 Mean?

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An IQ score of 143 is a very high score which means very superior intelligence, this IQ is actually 28 points higher than the highest possible average (115) IQ score.
IQ score of 143

Did you score this high?

If you scored 143, the test that took you it is questionable. First off, forget about online IQ tests, they can make your IQ go to 180+. Lol. Why?

Many of them are flawed psychometrically and you obviously need a standard Mensa IQ test, especially its paper version.

Online IQ tests are just fun and free most often. Take a tour, use our IQ test free now and have some fun. It is more or less an interesting brain game of 10 randomly auto-assembled IQ questions from a database of 300 IQ test relating to domains including logical-mathematical, abstract, visual, verbal aspects of IQ.

Scored 143? Better doubt it now

You are not Einstein, Langhan, nor Terrence. This is the fact ~ no ridicule in it. Psychometrically designed IQ tests are hard nuts to crack.

...even many professionals still doubt the accuracy and reliability of Mensa. Why?
Cultural bias, test developers' bias, testee's bias and test administrator's bias.

Benefits of having IQ as high as 143

  1. Fast thinking ability
  2. Accelerated brain processing
  3. High level of abstract thinking
  4. Curiosity

What high IQ doesn't necessarily mean

- Doesn't mean you are super-creative than others but being super-creative is an indication of a high IQ.

- Might deviate negatively from social competence or socio-emotional intelligence.

- You probably live in your head all the time

- IQ marginalize away from Intelligence on a large scale neglecting other aspects of intelligence; social, musical, spiritual etc.

Take away
It is time to start thinking about creativity. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I making people happier?

2. Am I making more money than supposedly less IQed people?

3. Am I happier than others with this high IQ or when my IQ was lower?

4. Have I been relevant to the research, scientific or art community?

5. Am I romantic and empathic?..uh 😍😉😃

If your answers to the questions above are Not Really(ies), it's time to start working on your overall usefulness to mankind and the universe. Dare to be creative.

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