What Does an IQ Score of 130 Mean?

Are you someone seeking to interprete IQ score of 130? An IQ score of 130 means your Intelligence Quotient is higher than average with 15 points, in which case, 115 is the highest possible average IQ score. 130+ IQ qualifies you for Mensa membership.
IQ 130
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Is 130 a good IQ score? Yes, this is a good IQ score and you have nothing to worry about it.

If you take a closer look at the curve of normal distribution (gaussian curve) above, you would see that this IQ score places you within the top 20 of the population, where 68% of the population has 85 to 115 IQ scores.

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If you don't know already, IQ is an acronymn for Intelligence Quotient, which is the result of a division in a traditional formula in psychometrics:

Mental Age (MA)/Chronological Age (CA) × 100

Have an IQ of 130, now what?
IQ score of 130 says your IQ is higher than many other people but this is just a figure and you should not dwell too much on this. Why? It makes no big difference if your IQ is compared with an IQ score 10 points higher or lower than your.

Also, your IQ score might change, depending on several factors such as:

- Age

- Environment

- Nutrition

- Curiosity

- Skepticism

- Exposure

- Personality

- Attitude

....just to name but few.

Many people look for easy and fast ways to boost their IQ scores. This might be a waste of time. Instead of looking for unrealistic IQ boosters, invest your time in being useful to the world. Dare to create value through creativity and you would be happier.
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