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What Does an IQ Score of 127 mean?


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An IQ score of 127 is a good IQ score. Why? This IQ score places you beyond average scores which are typically between 85 to 115, where 68% of the entire population actually belong.

IQ of 127
Courtesy: [IQ curve of normal distribution]
Scored 127, now what?
Should you worry? No. Should you jubilate? No. An IQ of 127 is a good IQ score and we know that already but IQ is just a figure that says something about your IQ itself.

Forget it, IQ does not measure your overall intelligence. It is a quotient (a result of a division) that says something about the IQ itself. Start to think about making an impact in this world. This can only be achieved by creativity and not just some random figures that may change over time.

Why did IQ idea get widespread?
It went viral because people like to read about like and call it freak and interesting. Ever read about the man who has an IQ of 195? His name is Christopher Langan whom everyone wants to be like.

I am not so much interested in this man's social life but I guess he might have done some crazy things in the past. Truly, high IQed guys do imbecilic, childish and socially inept things.

Is IQ 127 an advantage over your peers?
Maybe yes. Why? You can think abstractly, figure out relationships, cause, and effects of many variables in life. Have you read about William James Sadis? Go Google it now. He lived an unhappy life, died of cerebral hemorrhage at age 47. Sigmund Freud smoked weed, Einstein smoked pipe.. lol. This is only a few.

What 127 IQ doesn't mean
- IQ 127 is not the same as creativity

- IQ 127 does not mean you will be hyper-successful than others

- IQ 127 is not the pathway to all types of intelligence.

What's your opinion?