What Does an IQ Score of 125 Mean?

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Have an IQ score of 125 already? See what it means. This IQ is above average with 10 IQ points higher than the highest possible average IQ score (115).

IQ 125
IQ curve of normal distribution
There are two major techniques used to pull out this figure:

1. Algorithm
Obtaining IQ scores algorithmically means that the score is coded, calculated and interpreted programmatically using a computer system or machine, where the machine processes some instructions coded into it before-hand. Example is the free IQ test you will find on this very platform of ours ~ Neuroscientia.

2. Manual
This is hand work of a professional who is usually a psychologist, psychometrist or anyone licensed to administer such an IQ test.

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Have an IQ score of 125, now what?
125 is my IQ, should I care, worry or be happy? Not necessarily anything you asked yourself. Does my IQ place me far above every other homo sapiens??

Answer: Big No

So what's now the big deal and why do people want to risk misfortune, insanity and abnormality for a much better IQ score despite the evidences that popular genii had lived horrible lives? For example, Vincent Van Gogh the Painter, Albert Einstein the Physicist and William James Sidis the Prolific Prodigy who died of cerebral haemorrhage at age 47, shared common but abnormal traits - traces of depression, addiction and social apathy. Their IQs didn't made them the most successful in the world, not the wealthiest, not the happiest.

People want to listen to lies. Yes, fabricated fascinating lies portrayed in various self-help books and the media. The false glory of insanely high IQ scores is almost non-resistible, so people always want to buy brain boosters, and probably turn human 2.0. Lol.

Anyway, I am not a big fan of IQ tests because many of them are fundamentally flawed. Not too reliable measure of a person's overall intelligence.
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