How to Estimate the IQ of a Dead Person

Ever thought of how scientists and psychologists arrive at IQ figures for dead people? Think about the IQs of dead great minds like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, William James Sidis, Vincent Van Gogh etc. and you might discover that they actually didn't take any IQ test.

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Dead IQ
How then do scientists tend to glorify the IQ s of these great minds. They would need to settle on an arrangement of variables and attributes that they use to characterize intelligence, and after that they would need to measure that individual's intelligence, contrasted with others at the time they lived. Yeah, that's exactly what scientists do to infer the dead person's IQ.

They do this by looking into what the dead individual made or said in writing, governmental issues, inventions, expressions of the human experience, business, etc.  Then, they take a figure that the individual is at a specific rate of intelligence contrasted with others, and measurably, take the IQ score that would be what might as well be called that percentage.  So, for instance, if they chose that individual was at the half level, at that point they would allocate an IQ score of 100 to that individual.

Obviously, this is done inside the possibility that history has given a reasonable perspective of that individual's intelligence, and that their meaning of intelligence is certain.

Any measure of IQ, the individual being long dead, as of late dead, or even still alive, is only an estimate.

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