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123test vs Funeducation vs Memorado vs Brain Metrix vs Neuroscientia

If you want to test your IQ for free, it's time to make a smart decision. Now let's do the comparison of the popular IQ test sites: 123test vs FunEducation vs Memorado vs Brain Metrix vs Neuroscientia. Overall, these platforms are educational but also fun.


What are free IQ tests?

These are IQ tests offered to anyone interested in them, without having to pay a penny to test their intelligence or know their IQ score. Finding IQ test to use could offset the cost of paid tests

This types of tests are much less difficult to find online because many websites offer them for entertainment purpose. Some of the popular IQ test sites are 123test, FunEducation, Memorado, Brain Metrix and here at Neuroscientia.

☆. 123test

This site inspires curiosity about the IQ test and has been offering this free service for some years back. What is most appealing about this site is the concision of their test items. You don't need to waste your time on it at all. Kudos to their HTML coders. They have questions not up to 50, anyway; so relatively concise.

However, the major criticisms that have lingered about tests on this platform are: their test raises the question of validity and reliability (psychometric properties) and a bit of complex vocabulary. Why?

On the platform, if you take your test now and score 127, the next few hours you take another session on the test, you might score higher or lower. Why? Many things might have passed and influenced the brain, including initial test exposure and familiarity with questions.

☆. FunEducation

Wow! Fun education is really a nice website about free IQ test, just as the name suggests, education is made fun by letting you do free testing of IQ on their platform. Yes, no clunkiness.

What exactly is the nature of Fun education IQ test? As to precision and concision, the test offers some good level of precision in their test items so that you won't have to second-guess what questions wording actually mean. How?

Unlike 123test, they use more general terms that are not restricted geographically with simple English, therefore less language bias. They have a blend of UK and USA English. Thanks to their test coders.

Regarding their theme, it is less clunky and really looks fun to be around with. However, when I first checked their site, the search bar seemed difficult to locate, making navigation of the site kind of random one.

There are also issues of validity and reliability about this IQ test site so you really can't vouch for its authenticity, as with many online tests.

☆. Memorado

Want to know how far you have memorized or how savvy you are, at memorizing or and remembering things? Memorado might be your best bet. It looks more appealing with easy items.

No much question in their database and this makes it look static just as other IQ test sites -questions are always the same, no matter how many times you reload the page. This defiled the quality of these many sites. How?

Test takers already have prior knowledge of the test at the time of taking another session on the same test, since so many things have run through their minds - experiences.

☆. Brain Metrix

By the philosophy they both hold, these two test sites look alike. Brain Metrix was so named to mean 'metric of the brain' or 'measurement of the human brain' sound funny?

Shouldn't be...but can the human intelligence really be measured with an IQ test? Lol. Having 20 questions in its IQ test, Brain Metrix uses some mathematical brain games to obtain test scores themselves were designed in such a way as to tease the brain.

Having tested all these platforms, Brain Metrix looks more advanced than the aforementioned platforms, 'just my opinion'.


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