What Does an IQ Score of 190 Mean?

An IQ score of 190 seems unrealistic and I guess you are looking for an answer about what the 190 IQ figure means. The truth is, you probably took an online test which is not reliable, as many free IQ tests are not established on the ground of reliability
190 IQ score

Test scores are assessments of estimates and even the best planned and approved tests remain estimates. Their outcomes, according to established test hypothesis, are contained a genuine score part—ideally a considerable one—additionally might not be accurate enough.

This is back story to my point, which is that an IQ score is not an announcement of truth, it is an estimate. An estimate in this regard would mean nothing but a figure that can predict some things about intelligence minus social intelligence (unless Emotional Quotient is sought instead of Intligence Quotient)

So I am truly saying that if a psychologist revealed to you your IQ score as an (ideally) 3 digit number like 190, they have (as I would see it) an awkward comprehension of what they are doing. You ought to be careful about confiding in ineptitude. Funny, but that's the truth.

Even if you got your IQ score from a reliable psychologist and a reliable test, chances are that some aspects of the test would be flawed. These could be your emotional state influencing the testing.

Have you drank the online IQ test kool-aid?
Know that your IQ score (either accurate or not), isn't static. Brainology exist and you can still learn or master a lot of skills and rewire your brain for creativity.
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