The more intelligent the less happy?

This is a self-thought conception that "the more intelligent, the less happy you could be". Why? There are so many things beyond the figure we see on Mensa standard IQ test. Here are the reasons intelligent people aren't better off, in terms of life happiness.
Happiness-IQ may be zero correlation

1. Nothing to get from life about IQ
Life does not remunerate intelligence; it tends to reward center and constancy;

2. High IQ individuals once in a while do truly imbecilic things
Think about Einstein and think about smoking pipes.

3. IQ 120+ individuals at times do foolish things which refute their own intelligence

4. Good fortunes is more vital than intelligence
Want $150,000 paid to your bank account? Or want IQ 1000 alone? Which one is most desirable?

5. Great planning is more vital than intelligence
You can plan your way into success and creativity instead of dwelling on unsatable figures of your head.

6. Flaunting your "intelligence" frequently scares other individuals, which implies that you make your own boundaries to achievement

When genius individuals understand that they are harming themselves, they are for the most part in their 50s, which is entirely late for making amendments.

In case you think intelligence is essential, look who is leader of Nigeria now? How much of IQ is critical for achievement?
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