Indian-origin girl 12 Year Old Rajgauri Pawar scores 162 in Mensa IQ test OMG!

It has been reported that an Indian-origin 12-Year old scored Rajgauri Pawar scores 162 in Mensa IQ test. If you have been a regular reader of this blog, you would have read my previous post titled 'What does a score of 162 mean?' It is no surprise that Indians have high IQ [averagely]. Lydia Sebastian a teenager girl has scored 160+ in 2017.
Rajgauri Pawar [Facebook Pic]
At 12, Rajgauri Pawar has scored an amazing 162 in the British Mensa IQ test. The figure beats Albert Einstein's assessed score and that of Professor Stephen Hawking, who scored 160. Rajgauri's is top 1 percentile score world class British Mensa participation for high IQ abilities over the globe.
 I am just feeling on top of the world and can’t explain in words. It’s an honour for me to represent India on foreign soil and achieve such a feat, 
 the 12-year-old disclosed to The Indian Express by means of email.

Her elated father Dr. Surajkumar Pawar, who is a  researcher at the University of Manchester and hails from Baramati in Pune region, said that at present, just 20,000 such people exist over the globe; out of which barely 1,500 are youngsters, who fall in the classification of 2 percentile. "My girl with a main 1% score drives the count, making her one of the most youthful to achieve this'.

Rajgauri conceded she was somewhat apprehensive before the test. "Be that as it may, it was fine and I'm truly satisfied to have done as such well," she said through email. "I might want to seek after prescription later on and am additionally disposed towards themes including Physics, Astronomy, and Environment," she stated, including that swimming, netball, and chess were among her most loved games.

Rajgauri additionally stated:
I was preparing for entrance exams to secondary schools. I secured admission at Altrincham Girls Grammar School, which is one of the coveted institutions in the UK, and my parents suggested that I attempt the British Mensa IQ test. Anyone above the age of 10.5 years can take the test. As it was something different and was like a competition across all age groups, it sounded interesting and worth focusing on.
Hence, it was challenging. The test was kind of a mixed bag, easy at the beginning and got tough at the end. The key difficulty was completing the test in time. So you are basically judged based on your skill set to manage time and the correctness of your answers.

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Indian-origin girl Rajgauri Pawar scores 162 in Mensa test, more than Hawking
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