8 Ways to Keep your Memory Sharp at Any Age

If you really want to keep your memory sharp, boost your IQ, and be like a mnemon, you want to follow these eight brain hacks. Memory is the most important blessing bestowed by nature and we all should take care of it.
Sharp brain makes you human 2.0

Memory is stored in brain, in a part which process memory and store memory for long. We all cherish different memories of our lives which make our lives beautiful and colorful; it is all because we are able to retrieve those pleasurable moments which we value a lot in our lives.

People love their memories and memory can influence our moods as well. Memory center in brain stores our daily life experiences and enables us to carry out daily life activities in a proficient way.

Memory is stored in the brain system called as limbic system, it has several other regions, and hippocampus and amygdale are the main regions for storing and keeping memories. Eight ways to keep your memory sharp at any age are discussed in this article.

1. Take Proper Diet
Chemical composition of brain is maintained with the help of proper diet. Diet which contains rich sources, such as, vitamins and minerals, keep the chemical composition of brain normal. Fruits and vegetable are important sources to keep stable the brain activities.

You can also include different nuts and fry fruits in your daily diet to enhance your memory. Walnuts, almonds and pistachio are considered as the important resources for sharpening your memory.

Students are advised to include all these things in their diets in order to retain educational information for long while elderly people can also boost up their memory by using proper diet plan. Dont use junk food too much because junk food contains high proportions of lead which severely affects brain.

2. Stay Away from Drugs and Alcohol
Drugs and alcohol are the enemies of memory. They deteriorate the brains activities and eventually an individual is unable to keep his memory at constant balance. They deplete the chemicals present naturally in brain and hamper the memory process. The person forgets to carry out his routine activities in an efficient way and time comes when he no longer recognizes his relations and finds confusion in accomplishing the daily tasks in a proper way.

3. Extract time for exercise and yoga
Physical exercises are the best sources to keep your physical and mental health stable and serene. There is a strong nexus between physical exercises and their impacts on memory. Yoga is very important to keep your memory sharp because it enhances individuals ability to focus in a better way.

4. Mind Riddle Games
Start playing mind riddle games. These games are quite effective in enhancing your analytical abilities. These games enhance thinking abilities which play an active part in enhancing the memory part in brain. There are different parts in brains for different processes. Games keep mind busy in retrieving stored information from memory zone to play games from their past experiences.

5. Spend Time in Scene Places
Mind relaxation keeps you healthy and fit. Spend time in natural places where natural landscape and nature inspire you the most. Everyone has their favorite natural places and they feel relaxed and calm in these places.

6. Say Goodbye to Negativity, Tension and Depression
Negativity, tension and depression all kills memory in a latent way. When people remain obsessed with bad and negative emotions then they enhance their negativity which leads to severe mental disorders or mental breakdown in some cases.

So, dont keep yourself busy by thinking about bad experiences or bad people, there are so many good people around us think about themselves and cherish your good memories rather than tiring your brains with negative thoughts.

7. Spend Time With your family
Family is the ultimate source of pleasure for most of us. We all should extract time to spend quality time with our family members. It feels very good when people share and remind their old memories.

It is also good for mental health. Isolation leads to depression which ends at mental disorders and disoriented thought pattern which adversely affect the memory.

8. Take a Break from your Work; Be Happy
We all need a break from our work to get time for relaxation. Constant stress of work or studies is injurious to mental health. People should take a break at regular intervals to enjoy the life and make beautiful memories.

Workaholics develop anxiety disorders which affect our psychological wellbeing and memory is also affected by this if situations get out of hands.
These above mentioned ways can help in sharpening up your memories. Avoid from dangerous games and stunts which can cause injuries to head. These injuries also lead to memory related issues.

So, be optimistic and enjoy life with full courage and passion. Take energy rich meals and stay away from unhealthy diet patterns and drugs. This way you can enhance your mental wellbeing and memory in long run.

Authors Bio: This guest post has been written by Joseph Hathaway, a Psychologist, a Teacher and a writer who works for Write My Assignment Online and writes on different topics related to mental health, fitness and technology.
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