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7+ Hacks to Expand Your Mind and Reignite Your Creativity

With these sure-fire hacks, you will learn various ways to expand your mind and reignite your creativity. These hacks have worked for me many times.

Expand your mind
With the advancements of technology, things have become so easier that people do not think about brainstorming ideas or venturing into a creative zone these days. They have become dependent on technological tools which increases the need to expand their mind and reignite their creativity level.

Below are some ways that help you broaden your vision and instigate your mind to flow creative juices:

1. Thrive in an alien city
One of important ways to expand the horizons of your mind and reignite your creativity is by making yourself accustomed to foreign cultures and absorbing new experiences for a period of time.

It will not only teach you the ways to adjust in different countries by understanding their norms, customs, traditions, beliefs, values, and conventions, but will also brim your mind with different thoughts and ideas.

It will also wake you up and alert your brain. So, just go for it and explore the unimagined wonders of life. It will help you in the long run, believe me.

2. Read different foreign blogs
If thriving in a different country sounds too frightening to you, then try the other way round.

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Read blogs of people from other countries to know about their cultural values, norms and beliefs. There are certain writers that we suggest you should check out:
Danny Choo (an ultra-crazy manga fan’s look at Japan), English Russian (anything Russian), Mr. Brown (a light-hearted poke at living in Singapore), and Kenny Sia (a humorous perspective on Malaysia).

3. Venture into unfamiliar genres
Are you one of those people who never step into a biography, science or history section of a bookstore or library? Have you always resisted exploring new, unfamiliar genres? Do you like getting hooked on to the familiar genres only? If your answer is yes, then my focal point is you.

You have to change your mindset as soon as possible. You have to break down that invisible barrier that you have set in your mind. By doing this, you will be able to venture into unfamiliar genres and will realize how much good stuff you have missed.

4. Meditate for insights
Another way to expand your mind and reignite creativity is by meditating for insights because sometimes we do not get any fresh ideas.

Even the more we try to come up with a idea, the harder it becomes for us. So instead of forcing yourself to come up with a new thought or idea, take ten to fifteen minutes to relax and do a simple meditation.

Meditation has several uses. Let's have a look at some of them:
It helps treat depression in people.
It helps regulate mood and anxiety disorders

It reduces stress and anxiety in general
It helps reduce the symptoms of panic disorder.

It increases grey matter concentration in the brain. So just go for reflective meditation as it will help you bypass your conditioned and thinking mind.

So try these tips and rekindle your creativity. Become the kind of person you always wanted to be!

5. Meet someone new, online or off
One of the other ways to expand your mind and reignite creativity is by meeting someone new, online or off.

See you must be aware of the fact that each of us has a different list of knowledge and experiences that we have collected over a couple of years, so when we meet someone new whether online or offline, we should tap on each other's insights and expertise so that we can expand the reservoir of our thoughts, and can evolve.

So try to befriend anyone unobtrusively and share your comments and beliefs with him freely, without having any doubt.

6. Lend a helping hand to those in need

One of the other ways to expand your mind and reignite creativity is by lending a helping hand to those in need. Volunteering is one experience that gives you a chance to help those people whom you have never come across in your life.

These people are usually in less fortunate situations but since they have showed more tenacity and strength in life, so we should help them as much as we can. They deserve to be helped.

7. Horse around with kids

One of the other ways to expand your mind and reignite creativity is by horsing around with kids. Since children are always curious and always in pursuit of answers, so we can help them by answering their questions, increasing their curiosity, and recapturing the lost essence that was an emblem of our elders in the former ages.

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