When is it Right to Euthanize a Dog with Brain Tumour?

Can it be right to euthanize my suffering dog? I am thinking of putting down this our dog suffering from brain tumor. If you don’t know what euthanasia is, it is the deliberate killing of a person or animal painlessly, especially to relieve suffering from an incurable disease. Given all the animal ethics I have read in scientific papers, especially the research ethics guiding the use of animals in psychological research.
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The ethics usually mean something like these:

1. Any treatment set to inflict pain on animals should be avoided.

2. Animals have some rights just like humans do and we can’t afford to violate those rights.

You just heard animal right activists putting forward their stance about the protection of pets’ right. But are those laws absolute? What if the only option that remains is to eliminate a dog? For instance, a dog gives you head ache by thinking about how to get money to buy some costly drugs that will make it better or dissolve the brain tumour it’s been suffering from. Should we continue to care for some pets at the expense of making our own lives financially miserable or maybe I don’t get what those animal freaks are saying?

Case Scenario
There is a dog owned by a neighbor, its name is Binta. Binta is friendly and always want to curdle around you but the sad thing about this dog is that it has been suffering from brain tumour three years ago. This made the condition devastating. Now the dog owner, Mr Abdul cannot bear the more financial burden of the dog’s treatment so, he gifted me the dying dog because he know that, at least I like Binta.
I took up the dog, but the story still remains the same for 2 months now. I live in Jigawa State, Nigeria, where I am serving the nation (National Youth Service Corps). The dog was brought by a fellow Corp member, Abdul, in the same neighborhood. Now I am fed up of the financial intricacies of dog’s brain damage, it is time to put it down, I said to myself.

At least, animal rights protection are geographically relative, no one care about that in Nigeria. I am not in the United States or the United Kingdom so; it is actually the best decision I can think about this dog. Taking care of, and watching over a dog day and night is a waste of time to me, at this worst case scenario of dog with cerebral tumour. I am not a veterinarian, and I don’t think I have the idea to go and see him about it now so why should I even be bothered? What do you suggest?

I feel like laughing anytime I watch a movie where an American would have to deal in a contract, with a lawyer, usually an animal right activist or a veterinarian about killing [just] a dog. Are you kidding me? Well, I am not even surprised some of them prefer pets to humans. ~this is an age of modernized bestiality. Some may even go out their way to marry pets if they have their way, it is not new.

The good/bad news?
I went for the Euthanisia because it’s not costly, compared with the costs of breeding the dying dog. My first experience doing this to a pet was actually fun to me. Why? It’s my first experience and I took a lot of selfie there.

Procedures in Dog Euthanisia that I’ve Learnt So Far

Contractual Phase
The phase of Euthanasia begins with mutual agreement between a pet owner and veterinarian. It doesn’t take hours. You may even need to sign some papers to make it formal, legal and well documented, in case of legal chaos and implications. Some dogs are actually intelligent and cute that you want to treat them like a human being, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Sedative Phase
The first thing the veterinarian does is to give the dog some sedatives to ensure relaxation of the pet, before the main Euthanasia drug is administered. Why the shot may be painful to the dog so it is always a good idea if Vets give this sedative.

Euthanasia (medication) Phase
Pentobarbital is the most popular among all the euthanasia medication that can be given to a dog, in overdose. Intravenously induced, the drug renders the heart and brain unconscious within few seconds to few minutes. Pentobarbital itself is a [sedative] drug in the barbiturate class, a seizure medication used to relief patients [usually humans] suffering from brain seizure (an abnormal condition of brain hyper-activity or excessive neural firing).

Other medical measures
According to an article distributed on Wikipedia [Animal Euthanasia], there are some other treatment measure that can be used for euthanasia, these are:

a. Inhalants
b. Intracardiac injection
c. Shooting
d. Cervical dislocation

Death phase
When putting off a pet, its eyes gradually close, it twitches some muscles, heart stops slowly until final breath but it is under normalcy of euthanasia procedure. What more? Are you contemplating about putting down that bullshit? Tomorrow might be too late.

What happens after the whole thing is concluded? The dog is gone for good. Isn’t it? Maybe it’s time to mourn your dog based on grief. This is normal but every individual have different level of tolerance for grief and bereavement. Dog bereavement? I can’t laugh. But that’s true, depending on what your dog meant to you.

The key to overcome this: move on with life. I know that your dog is precious but look, you don’t want to the past haunt you. You have jobs, family, maybe child(ren) too. The old thing about that dog is past, now it is time to live in the present moment. No amount of mourning can bring back your pet even if you cry till eternity, it is normal and true of humans as well.

When a person dies, he/she’s gone forever. Everyone owes the debt of death, it is a debt we all have to pay and can’t escape it unless we are Jesus Christ. Going religious? Yes, you heard me but before you hit the back button on your computer, hear it again, “Unless you are Jesus Christ, you can’t escape death”. No one can.
I love you more than you love your pet. What’s your experience?

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