What Does an IQ Score of 162 Mean?

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Want to know what an IQ score of 162 mean? You are not lost. Many of us want to discover our behavioural attributes and it's worth knowing about.

IQ score of 162
IQ chart
What actually is IQ? IQ is the short form of Intelligence Quotient, which technically means, the result of the division (quotient) of a numerator value by a denominator value. In this sense, the numerator is your mental age and the denominator is your chronological age.

Back to the point, an IQ score of 162 is a lot more than just an average IQ score., if you look at the graph above. That is the reason 'genius' is used to describe this type of IQ score, regardless of the type of intelligence that the score was obtained from.

Einstein and Mozart's IQ measured 160, according to geniuses biography and what the media says.

162 makes you become wiser?
No, Yes.
Forget a huge intelligence Quotient score, what many of them measure basically is abstract thinking and the ability to form relationships between seemingly unrelated terms. It means that you do not have the guarantee to become wiser in social situations and your personal life, if you score as high as this.

Although, many people think 'intelligence is knowledge acquisition' but most of them get it all wrong. There is surely a point of departure between the two variables. This is explanable in two ways:

1. In telligence is not how much data you can memorize to abtain some degree in university or college or Suma Cum Laude. It's you ability actpurposefully, to think rationally and deal effectively in social sitiations [as Wechsler defined it].

2. Knowledge is described as information acquired, stored in the brain via some channels like sense organ, curiosity, intuition and sometimes revelation which is also known as spiritual kowledge.

True intelligence is, wisdom endowed indeed.

A more decent measure of intelligence is emotional intelligence which includes, coping skill and social relationship. One of the psychological instruments used in measuring this variable is Wong and Law's Emotional Intelligence Scale (WLEIS), 2002.

Points to note
Intelligence scales should be revised, and should incorporate both [traditional] intelligence and emotional intelligence into such single scale. Maybe this would help experts to always obtain what they look for in the traditional IQ tests.

What if such better test is developed one day, you took i and compared your score on it with you previous IQ score, only to discover that you are not intelligent as the previous IQ test deceived you? You now score 117, not 162. Lol.

The figures you got are mere digits which depends on so many environmental factors. This is why Emotional Quotient is more important.
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