What does an IQ score of 150 mean?

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An IQ of 150 is among the highly abnormal IQ scores you can ever see on the IQ scale like this one above. An IQ test usually contains some test questions to reveal the level of abstract thinking (most often), logical thinking while some also deal with EQ which is apt at obtaining a person’s score of sociability and emotional life. However, most IQ tests do not deal with socio-emotional areas and this is what makes this kind of test personally useless to me.
IQ distribution

Want to know whether I50 IQ is too much? Mozart and Einstein’s IQ measured 160. Fairly high? These days we have even higher IQs. Christopher Langan was recorded as having an IQ of 190. Even more, higher is Terrence Tao’s IQ...and the list goes on.

Success or Failure in Intelligence Tests?

Come to think of it, what would be the advantage of IQ 150 or even 200 that lacks the ability to deal with social situations? No, no, no. Maybe you may want to dispute this, but research has found that IQ is highly correlated with loneliness or solitude and some abnormalities.Remember that popular Einstein’s quote?
The monotony of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.

Now, it is time to start thinking beyond intelligence tests and go for a more purposeful socio-emotional intelligence and creativity. However, there are important things to note as regards this issue of intelligence. Most notable is the fact that intelligence does actually correlate with creativity that it is hard to find someone that is highly intelligent without being creative. Doubt it?

 There is a problem created by our popular culture and this is it: people tend to associate intelligence quotient with academic achievement, which in fact, may sometimes bear one to one relationship. Creativity on its own side is the ability to discover new solutions to a novel or an old problem while discarding old-fashioned ways of achieving them. 

A point of overlap between high IQ and creativity is that both have the same demands before they can be attained. Remember Aristotle said:“There is no genius without a touch of madness”.Thomas Edison hated to sleep, after inventing Vaseline, Robert Chesebrough ate it every single day, Paul Erdos the Hungarian mathematician was so devoted to his works and wrote a lot of papers at the end of his life but refused to get married, Leo Fender was dumb at playing Guitar, yet he was the one who invented the telecaster and Stratocaster guitars, Vincent Van Gogh was diagnosed with epilepsy in his temporal lobe, bipolar disorder, Thujone poisoning, hypergraphia, sunstroke, lead poisoning, complications that doctors cannot figure out Vincent Van Gogh’s illnesses.

 Have you heard about Werner Heisenberg? He was the German theoretical Physicist who basically invented the popular uncertainty equations of quantum mechanics but said “I have no idea” when he was asked in his doctoral dissertation about how a battery works. Rodolf Diesel committed suicide after inventing the diesel engine. Why? He was afraid that the invention won’t be successful. The list still even goes on and on.Read the most intelligent guys in the world with abnormal behaviors and it would surprise you to see the names of popular geniuses of all times on the list.

I am not [preaching] against IQ scores that are high, I am only saying that average IQ can achieve goals. So, why risk madness for a high level of creativity and ultrasmart IQ scores?

What High IQ isn't

1. IQ isn't academic achievement
2. IQ isn't happiness
3. IQ isn't life satisfaction
4. IQ isn't emotional intelligence
5. IQ isn't Creativity
6. IQ isn't sociability
7. IQ isn't good health
8. IQ isn't your birth label
9. IQ isn't all that's necessary to survive

Forget the whole hype about IQ and what the media agenda set before us, start living your dreams.
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