5 Unrivaled Remedies to Thicken Your Eyebrow Naturally

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The shape of eyebrows is an extremely important element to define your face. Nowadays, in a modern society with the new standards of beauty, it is common to see girls with thick and charming eyebrows walking on the streets. Nevertheless, not all women own was born luckily possessing those kinds of eyebrows. Every morning, they have to spend hours standing in front of the mirror to draw eyebrows or coming to aesthetic facilities to waste money on spray cosmetic tattooing.
Stop wasting your time and money! The good news is we’ve got the perfect tips for you to promote more glamorous eyebrows immediately.

The importance of having thick eyebrows

Eyebrows are considered as an important emphasis on the face. Moreover, well proportioned and sexy eyebrows will make your face look more delicate.
Bashful and slender eyebrows have been the symbol of women for a long time. However, living in the modern life as today means that new trends are updated constantly every second. As a result, the recent century is the days of bushy eyebrows. Undoubtedly, the trendy shape of arches also represents the new image of a modern woman.
Now, you discovered how important thicker eyebrows are, what are you waiting for? Continue reading the article to provide yourself simple but effective tricks in order to repair your beauty instantly.

The reason why your eyebrows are sparse?
Taking care of small eyebrows is not as easy as you think. Sometimes, doing ordinary actions can unintentionally lead to the eyebrows’ weakness and sparsity.
To give a specific example, ladies take a fancy to trim their arches to shape the rows more symmetrically but no one knows the risk of implementing the action excessively. Aesthetic experts pointed out that excessive pruning may result in weaker and broken eyebrows. Trimming arches 1 time a week is enough to prevent eyebrows from falling out.
Suffering from hair loss and eyebrows fall is another factor that contributes to the sparsity of eyebrows. This is also a threatening sign of follicular infection. If the areas around the eyes get injured even minor ones, the growth of the eyebrows will be curbed. Having been born with extremely sparse arches in the face does not mean you have to live together with them all your life. Don’t hesitate to implement the following remedies to turn your imperfection into your advantage.

Home remedies for thicker eyebrows

If you are a clumsy girl that implemented excessive eyebrows pruning, you should make acquaintance with eyebrows pencils when going out to have a perfect appearance while waiting for the redevelopment of those lost arches. However, the waiting time seems somehow long because the eyebrows need 6 to 8 weeks to redevelop perfectly. Don’t worry, patiently apply natural remedies we mentioned in the article to speed up the growth process.

1. Coconut oil
This cheap and multi-user material can be applied to skin, eyebrows, eyelashes and all surrounding areas. You only need to apply cotton swab containing a few drops of coconut oil on the eyebrows and then massage the eyebrows gently with your fingertips before bedtime. Leave the oil overnight and wipe it off by water the next morning. During a period of 1-2 months persistently apply the treatment, you will recognize that your brows look gradually darker and darker. Coconut oil can promote the growth of thicker eyebrows rapidly due to the high level of vitamin E contained.
In the cases that Coconut oil is not available in your kitchen, replace it with Vaseline. To use the tip effectively, take a soft towel to cover the surrounding areas of the brows and then, apply vaseline to the eyebrows area. A few weeks later, you will see the material’s great effect.

2. Lemons
Few people know that lemon also has the magic effect to help the eyebrow grow faster.You only need to slice a lemon to have fresh lemon juice. Then make a mixture of lemon juice with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and leave it overnight. The next morning, dip a cotton swab into the mixture and rub it on the brows. This is one of the effective ways that can improve the sparse brows condition. However, while implementing the remedy, you should avoid direct sunlight into the eyebrows for about 3 hours.

3. Onions
Onion juice with a high sulfur content may promote the new cycle of the regeneration and faster growth of the brows. How to use:
Crush an onion to get the juice.
Apply the juice directly to your eyebrows once a day at night.
Have a rest and wash it with water the next morning.
Do the treatment every day to double the effectiveness!

4. Castor oil
Castor oil has long been considered as an indispensable beauty material by the fair sex. It is also effective to promote the brows development. All you need to do is place castor oil over eyebrows twice a week before going to bed and then do a gentle massage. Castor oil will penetrate into the brows and help them to grow stronger and thicker. Castor oil can be easily purchased at stores which sell imported ingredients.

5. Egg yolks
In the numerous uses of egg yolk, nourishing eyebrows is the least well-known use. The treatment includes:
Stir an egg yolk.
Get a cotton pad dipped into the stirred egg yolk.
Apply on your eyebrows.
Wait for 15 - 20 minutes and rinse with clean water.
You will get the ideal and eye-catching eyebrows as expected if you regularly apply this natural remedy.
Inexpensive natural remedies always take time to work wonders. Make sure you apply it everyday to see the magic in the shortest time. If you are feeling self-conscious about the sparse and lifeless eyebrows, try one of several non-complicated ways as mentioned above. We ensure that you will certainly be satisfied with the results it brings.

About the Author:
This article is written by Ashley Bennet, a senior-contributor of AuthorityRemedies.She has worked and trained in the field of Nutrition and Health for over 3 years, consistently providing people with useful information about nutrition as well as helping them with their common health problems.

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