Neuroplastic Poem: Mutability of Everything

Mutability of Everything

Poem about neuroplasticity
Neuroplastic poem
A poem to learn from and live by, daily.
Think everything is stagnant? O what a folly and shallow mind.
Everything keeps moving and our brain has always learned to adapt ~ says the wise.
We have more than enough evidences to prove consistency. Yes, it has always been, even since ages past; our forefathers have passed.

Isn't it high time to keep maintaining adaptability that keeps us going in life?
Folly just shouldn't exist in our life's diary and dictionary, just as stagnancy shouldn't, because nothing but mutability endures.

What else do we need as anevidence that everything is mutable? Hast thou considered that you reading this piece explain another change in you? This alone proves sufficient and viable to validate neuroplasticity of everything about life.

If thou wilt criticize this, cease to exist in order to prove mutability wrong. Even at that, everything seems yet neuroplastic in a life after life.
Hast thou considered the sun? In its rising and setting, we feel a wave of mutability all through the day.

What more should prove as an evidence? Green flowers, how they turn yellow and sometimes brown resulting from lack of chlorophyll in them.
Yet humans are complex than just flowers, as evident in a living brain.
Mutability of everything.
Aren't these all life lessons we need to consider before we refuse to quit those career plans?

Shouldn't we just add lemonades to lemons or perhaps lemons aren't even available?
Mutability of everything: everything remains neuroplastic within our own brain since everything is an invention of man using his brain.
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