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How Could it Be All True that 'God Idea' is a Myth in Our Brain?

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Since some studies have attempted to link our brain neurons with God, I have been more skeptical about this topic called 'GOD Thoughts'
God and man [wikipedia]
I know that Atheists do not believe in God. How would we bargain without that conviction? It shifts. The majority of us simply don't consider it to such an extent. We attempt to have great, cheerful, satisfying lives as we don't expect time everlasting after that. Some are helped by feelings that not existing at all is not that awful.
Does GOD exist? What if the reverse is the case, what would happen?

Do you mean the finish of religious philosophy? Some point in future when we simply discover there is no God?

Well, this as of now happened. Times when we ordinarily thought religion is somewhat similar to science, manages truths and God can be demonstrated or disproven - are away for two centuries now. We recognize what happens then. A few people quit accepting while others don't. Religious philosophy teachers quit attempting to demonstrate God and began attempting to show the significance of confidence without evidence. Religions don't vanish overnight and are not ensured to vanish ever. Numerous religions lose adherents yet it's a process that takes hundreds of years and may alter course contingent upon recorded setting.

It turns out religions are not in any way like science. They are a piece of culture, similar to music or theater. Researchers discovering there is no God are on a par with researchers discovering hip jump is an awful sort of music. It simply doesn't work that way. Why did researchers even choose to remark on music tastes? Consider the possibility that you like it in any case. They don't have anything to state here however infrequently simply feel they have to in light of the fact that some hip bounce craftsmen tweets about level Earth.
We will never know, will we? If there is an unceasing life after death, by what method can memory exist? How might you recall what was before as you don't have your material part?

Also, when you have experienced an unending length of time, thought everything that can be thought, ate everything that can be eaten, perused each words than can be composed ... in what manner will it feel? How might we have a memory of ... everything? Does it sounds like paradise or ... for hell's sake?

The issue is; most religious individuals don't contemplate the ramifications of what they accept. Nobody needs beyond words ... who truly need everlasting after-life?
The main thing you can't do in "paradise" is to stop it on the grounds that ... you are as of now dead.

If God ever existed, what would become of universal laws?

 The all-inclusive laws that administer this universe are grinding away whether we see it or not and quantum material science is beginning to clarify it in a more exhaustive logical way. The substance you are made of which likewise encompasses you exist and will keep on existing, develop, extend, investigate, and so on. The constantly changing and emerging, dissolving and changing dull vitality into dim matter into a genuine physical substance as of now ¨is¨. It is not about the start or as opposed to completion. It exists, and you are a piece of it. ¨God in the end¨ appears to be more similar to a religious idea - you have to acknowledge cap God as of now exists inside you and all there is as you are a piece of it. On the off chance that you change the word God for the word ¨infinite substance¨ possibly this will help you with the replying to this question.

Conclusively logical, there is no god which Human faculties or his material creation could validate.
To the Theists, should we, therefore, resort to the metaphysical way of knowing, on dogmatic grounds?


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