Summary of Left Brain/Right Brain Dichotomy

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Right Hemisphere      Left Hemisphere

The Quick Facts                           The Quick Facts

Functions: Responsible for control of the left side of the body, and is the more artistic and creative side of the brain  
Functions: Responsible for control of the right side of the body, and is the more academic and logical side of the brain
right brain vs left brain
Right brain/Left brain dichotomy
If you would divide the brain directly into halves, you would have a right and left side of the equator. Albeit break even with the size, these two sides are not the same, and don't complete similar capacities. 
The left half of the cerebrum is in charge of controlling the right side of the body. It likewise performs functions that need to do with rationale, for example, in science and arithmetic. Then again, the other half of the brain controls the left half of the body, and performs undertakings that have to do with inventiveness and human expressions

Both halves of the brain are associated by the corpus callosum and serve the body in various ways . However, some neurocritics have disregarded and loath this assertion to rather suggest that the brain halves do not work to specialize symmetrically, neither do they work in isolation about each function.
In your next brainology exercise, simply bear this in mind, understand yourslelf. There are a lot more informations to keep you updated about the amazing capabilities of YOUR brain.
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