Neuroplasticity of Tech - Mediated Mental Idleness

Technological development still remains a celebrated topic in environmental development and much of these developments have an impact in the way we think as our thinking also impacts tech development itself. Neuroplasticity, the term that we are wired neurologically and brainology-wise still depends on both our passive and active experiences in the environment.
**How has technology propagated mental laziness?*
Let's create and imagine different scenarios.

Scene a:just imagine you need to describe the present time of the day, you are most likely going to visit the wall clock or look at your cell phone or wristwatch, not to visit the sun like our ancestors behaved in the stone and bronze ages; we simply allow techs do the thinking for us.
Isn't this neuroplasticity of neurotechnology?

Scene b: you are in a maths examination hall where the use of a calculator isn't allowed. Unknowingly, you took yours into the exam hall because you so much depend on it for basic algebraic expressions, now banned, you become numb and count the ceiling as you lick your pen. Your score eventually becomes zero/100. You are smart but u transferred it to a calculator to do the maths for you. Isn't technology degrading our Brainology and overall mental competence?

Scene c: predictions from psychological research say teenagers in the next century will no longer be taught from the cradle, how to write with a pen. ; they will use computers predominantly.
Isn't this an artificial psychomotor and mental retardation.
All from a speculative mind.
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