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Bloggeroid is an android app for content creation. It has a really nice simple interface.

There are limitations to the official Blogger app and I would rather chose to not post at all via it than to post via it. Bloggeroid has brought the solution to the problems I usually encounter with the old official app.

1. Picture Alignment
The first problem is picture alignment. The official Blogger app will post ur contents quite alright but will also debase its pictures to the end of your post. This is somewhat odd-looking.

2. Hyperlink on the Go
Even this very content about bloggeroid is posted via my bloggeroid app.
In spite of the fact that other official application suffices most bloggers' needs, despite everything it misses the mark when you require somewhat more control over the posts you distribute. Tackling this issue comes Bloggeroid which, once introduced, gives you a chance to modify your drafts utilizing basic wikisyntax.

3. Bold, Strike, Italics and other HTML
Imaging the basic HTML functions you may need to customize the feel of your blog contents. If these aren't available your blog may suck on the go.

4. Dual Content Backup
Additionally, the application gives you a chance to spare and load your posts from SD card making it less demanding for you to reinforce and exchange them onto your PC.

5. Organization and Flexibility
Although the official Blogger app allows multiple blogger blogs you can choose from, this very function is yet another reason to blog via bloggeroid.
While the traditional blogger app still allows for content creation, taking all these things together, Bloggeroid is an extraordinary other option to the official Blogger application.
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