5 Reasons Why the Secrets of Empowerment Is a Great Guide to One’s Personal Development

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Charles Gordon Author of "The Secrets of Empowerment"

Charles Gordon still recalls his initial reaction when, at the age of 20, his accountant broke the unexpected news: "You're worth a million."
While most young men of his age would have been on the phone to order a case of Cristal Champagne and planning the party of a lifetime, Charles initial reaction was simply: "What's the next step?"

Gordon published the book “The Secrets of Empowerment” in hopes to inspire the next generation of young Entrepreneurs. The book can be used as a guide to personal development within our everyday lives, businesses and our relationships/networks.

1.   The Biography
In self-help books it is common to see at the start or end of the book a miniature biography of the authors life so that the readers feel more settled into the book and are prepared to explore all aspects of it. In Gordon’s book his biography is at the start and discusses his upbringing, challenges as well as his opinion on Education and Government.

2.   Anyone Can Relate
Charles Gordon may be a black Caribbean man hailed from South-East London at a time when gang, violence and murders were at an all-time high, yet we can still relate to him. As he expresses his thoughts and ideas through quotes that pop up here and there in the book.

3.   Examples
Throughout the book there are examples of businesses, influential people, scenarios, illustrations and even bible parables that helps readers to get the clearer picture.

4.   Inspirational Quotes
Another feature that is continuously used throughout the books is quotes. Not just from Charles, but also from many successful businessmen and influential people. This feature brings the text to life as each quote ties in perfectly with the topics which are included in the book.

5.   55 Secrets
The Secrets of Empowerment is divided into 55 secrets, as it’s easier to pinpoint different lessons and principles and the reader will be able to follow the timeline of the book according to their personal development journey.

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The Secrets of Empowerment is available for purchase on both Amazon & Waterstones.

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