3 Brain Myths You Probably Disregard

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Many of us have overrated the potentials of the human brain. It is well said that the brain is superior to the computer system, and that it is a complex structure with complex number of other minute structures-  neurons, neurochemicals, glial cells, and the likes.
brain myths worth dumping
Brain myths you should dump

Alright then, the brain is indeed powerful but this is not a sufficient fact that should justify the false assumptions people often hold about the brain. I will share some myths about the brain that many people have misunderstood over time, even before the intervention of neuroscience  and the modern scientific inquiries.

1. We use only 10% of our brain

Imagine you disuse a whole loot of 90% of your brain, wouldn't you become dumb? Imagine further that the tiny percentage of your brain is dissociated from the rest 90% so that only the 10% is overwhelmed by myriads of functions allocated to it. You can imagine how many functions of the brain are associated with each part of the body systems, such as, the respiratory and the circulatory systems. Why then would people still hold on to this neuromyth?

2. The larger brain makes an ultra-smart individual

The philosophy of the advocates of this myth is that, 'the larger your brain, the more tendency you are a smart person. Haven't you ever seen an  imbecile whose head is relatively bigger that the normal person? Here, I chose to correlate bigger heads with bigger brains since the brain is situated in the skull. Imbeciles are known for intellectual sub-normality and below average IQ of between 50 to 70, where normal persons are on the average of 100 IQ in the normal distribution curve for IQ.
I do not mean to affirm here that anyone whose head is so tiny is the ultra-smart, it's just that brain size  and intelligence are not necessarily correlates.

3. Alcohol will make a hole in your brain

This is certainly not true. Drugs do work on the brain by gradually affecting minute structures, chemicals e.t.c and thereafter this effect is felt from these structures called neurons, and neurotransmitters. Alcohol will not bore a hole in your brain but it definitely will influence the way neurons fire and wire together by inhibiting some functions since it is an inhibitor whose chemical structure binds with GamaAminoButyricAcid (GABA).
I  would suppose this brain hole-alcohol myth was invented to create fear in  the minds of alcohol addicts so as to caution them to abstain from alcohol use.

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