How to become a more interesting person

I've listed a couple common themes I've observed that run through interesting people I know and have derived my answer from them. None of these are necessary or sufficient conditions
Anyways. I think interesting people often...

... are curious and relentlessly seek out knowledge. Curiosity leads to the accumulation of new experiences or viewpoints with which to view the world i.e. via work, travel, taking a class, learning a language, reading voraciously or what have you. These items I just listed are big, obvious examples of the potential manifestations of curiosity - a smaller example would be, say, asking pointed, thought-provoking questions in conversation.... use their time at work efficiently and productively to sate their curiosity.They've managed to merge their personal interests with their work/main purpose in life and generally are consistently working on cool things.... use their time outside of work efficiently  and productively to sate their curiosity. Outside of work, if they have a life outside of work, they pursue activities listed in 1. as opposed to vegetating i.e. they've been to [x] countries, know [y] languages or read [z] books a year....
are constantly evolving as a consequence of 1-3. Because they are constantly adding to their body of knowledge and their databank of experiences, interesting people are constantly evolving creatures. Their perspective on things is always shifting so each time you are around them or talking with them, they're bringing something new to the table. Which makes them interesting.
So, I suppose to directly answer the question: 
be curious and seek out knowledge, use your time efficiently and constantly evolve.

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