What are the distinguishing characteristics of "scary smart" people?

Essential Traits of The Ones We Call Savvy
'Unnerving savvy' is the capacity to have non-evident experiences.

Standard "Savvy" is the capacity to have typical experiences that others will think of, yet a touch faster than others. Unnerving brilliant people will have a wide expansiveness of learning that is very much coordinated; and generous profundity of information in various subjects.

This will permit them to make a hefty portion of the non clear intutions. They will likewise have attributes that add to a 'high IQ' (extensive working memory; mind doesn't channel thoughts as firmly). They will likewise have a tendency to have high inventiveness. -Tom Musgrove

Individuals I've watched who I've said, "this individual is startling shrewd", by and large has the accompanying traits:

You can simply tell that their cerebrum is handling immense measures of information at a unimaginably quick pace. You recognize it clearly when you speak.

They by and large lucid their musings with clarity and productivity, either verbally or in print.

Almost no horse crap.

There are two or three notes to be made. To start with, my impression of how startling keen an individual is frequently originates from signs given amid an individual cooperation and/or from viewing the individual eloquent themselves (i.e. a video of a meeting and so forth.). 

This experiences certain inclinations (do alarming shrewd individuals must be super eloquent? .. not so much). Second, a large portion of the general population I've considered as unnerving brilliant, I've known about before and they are known not exactly canny - and this clearly influences my communications with them.

However, at last... "unnerving shrewd", I think, comes down to a hunch that you get really soon into your cooperation with the person. There are people who you may portray as, "exceptionally keen" or "splendid" however not "terrifying shrewd". In any case, the splendid ones don't as a matter of course make you frightened. 

The unnerving shrewd ones are the ones who can recognize the smallest deception in what you're stating and can get down on you about your bologn- Moses Namkung @Quora.

  •  Prompt drill-down to the essentials. When I worked for Roger Ehrenberg at IA Ventures, he could listen to a business person for ~5 minutes and instantly ask, at most, 4 inquiries that would either accept or altogether explode that business person's validity or plan of action. Sufficiently given time, practice or endeavors, numerous other individuals could in the end touch base at those same inquiries, yet he would, without a second thought, dependably ask what we'd later acknowledge to be the most critical inquiries that included the most flag, or choice making quality, to further thought. To do that in your very own picked range mastery is not that remarkable, with some practice. To do that in what is, frequently, a completely new topic, before an authority master (for this situation, a business visionary), is splendor.

  • Stinginess of words; economy of thought. One propensity that tends to hop out at other individuals is somebody who is peaceful. We all have a characteristic human yearning to get consideration, be acknowledged, be listened to. Numerous individuals speak as though they're simply sitting tight for their swing to talk. Terrifying savvy individuals typically have no such instability, will much of the time listen a considerable measure (in the event that it's a decent utilization of their time), and when they open their mouth it's more often than not to pose a question. In any case, their time is so imperative to them that their uncommon articulations for the most part have at least words, and expression things with rich effortlessness. They'll pick the words that have the exact shade of significance they plan, and won't rehash themselves or say more than is vital. A significant number of them are awesome instructors, in light of the fact that they know how to expression things for most extreme clarity and leave least space for misconception. The individuals who are best at it - say, George Bernard Shaw - get their declarations cherished as quotes or maxims. The capacity to administer shrewdness, and little else, requires startling smarts.
  • Powerlessness to put up with imbeciles. A typical - however maybe unflattering - normal for all the terrifying shrewd individuals I've had the delight to know, is that the one thing they can't stand is somebody who is squandering their time. Somebody who doesn't know when to quiets down, somebody who goes about as though they have information that they don't - any type of BS is the direct opposite of what's imperative to them and their psyches. Since they have regularly met with unbridled accomplishment in their lives, they have never been in a position where they have needed to put up with idiots - so about every one of them don't, or do as such inadequately. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are sanctioned cases. Numerous government officials are not, regardless of the fact that a couple of them are themselves terrifying brilliant.
  • Extremely quick osmosis of new data. Pretty much as promptly saw in the educated community as it is in the business world, an alarming brilliant individual will lift things up in another subject quicker than you most likely thought conceivable. They will read between the lines, flip through the course reading with a "better believe it, definitely, we should proceed onward" disposition, use terms-of-workmanship unquestionably in discussion minutes subsequent to taking in their importance. They will distinguish the holes in information in a zone, the exemptions or edge cases, on the grounds that those are fascinating to them - and in light of the fact that the mental apparatus of characterizing the limits of learning helps them comprehend what's inside those limits, get sure that they've realized what's vital, and arrive on the suggestions or their next strides thus.
  • Sensational jumps in coherent thinking. Brilliant individuals can reason, so everyone can hear or inside, regulated, from what they know towards what must therefore be. Extremely savvy individuals will skirt a couple ventures in clarifying their thinking, especially to other shrewd individuals, in light of the fact that (once more) time is vital and the middle of the road steps are self-evident. Alarming shrewd individuals will refer to a couple of givens, express a conclusion whose birthplaces are impervious to whatever remains of us, and after that simply proceed onward. They will demonstrate to you precisely how they arrived, or what elements they're considering and how they're measuring them, just after being squeezed to do as such.
  • They wind up being correct, or being legitimized, an astoundingly high rate of the time. Some of this can be deceptive, in light of the fact that they're substituting a capacity to win the contention (by jumbling terrible presumptions) for a capacity to all the more profoundly see what's to come is liable to hold. They will never lose a contention led on judicious grounds, and usually are exceptionally determined by a should be correct constantly. The better-mingled ones will regard any individual who can contend them down about something; those with more insecurities will move goalposts or over-weight variables keeping in mind the end goal to win at any rate, or outright detest somebody proficient and sufficiently sure to do as such on the uncommon events that it happens.
  • They don't set aside an ideal opportunity to compose excessively long replies on Quora) 
  • Cooperative attitude Hunting is a decent representation. At any adequately focused school, or at adequate levels of accomplishment in an exceptionally aggressive field, you'll meet a lot of individuals who fit that depiction.
  • At long last, I'll take note of that there's a qualification between individuals who are "alarming IQ-shrewd" and individuals who are "startling EQ-savvy". I've concentrated on the previous in light of the fact that I imagine that was the goal of the inquiry. In any case, the recent gathering of individuals - say, Bill Clinton or Jon Stewart - are similarly fascinating, and frequently more inconspicuous about their capacities.- Steve Estes

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