The psychology of language is the psychology that seeks to reveals the contents of the mind, a little deviation from the methods of the behaviourist.

Mind-Language interaction with much regard to seeking the understanding of the origin of both the mind and the influences of this mind on the way we communicate such as not even limited to oral and communication but also the more complex non-verbal communication, paralinguistics, and extra-linguistics.

The psycholinguistic studies of this modern decade however seeks to understand more of language processes from the processes of the brain. This can help to reveal the origin, and development of language to a meaningful extent as has been predicted.
The studies and theories of the brain, neurons, neuroplasticity and cerebral localization would be found useful here as much as other theories directly related to neural facilitation of the processes of language areas in the brain such as the more typical areas of the cerebral cortex, Broca area and Wernicke's area.

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