Do We Use 10 Percent Of Our Brain?

Consider a truck which would carry a load of food stuffs, it has only a tire to work to its destination but lack the most essential and appropriate other parts such as its engine, flash lights, cooling fan etc... will it function properly?

 Limiting the function of the brain to 10 percent alone would limit some other chemical and essential processes such as the amount of neurotransmitter needed for the appropriate neural firing/action potential as much as how fast its processing speed (see How Can I Drammatically Increase My Brain Processing speed?) would be. 

This speed is ti some reasonable aspect dependent on Myelination
 which if you only use such a tiny percent of your brain, the brain might be too slow to conduct nerve impulses since it will contradict the Donald Hebb's principle of neuroplastiity that 'the neurons that fire together, wire together and the neurons that fire apart, wire apart.'

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