How to Master the Art of Speed Reading

reading fast
Speed reading
Either you are a fast reader or slow ready depend mostly on environmental factors although personal factors too may apply.
Distractions of good/speed reading and their solutions
Distractions are the key factors responsible for poor reading speed. Among these distractions are but not limited to:

1. Stress and reading
2. Hunger and thirst
3. Environmental issues such as comfort, fresh air and adequate light.

         Tips to start reading speedily...

1. Solve the problem of tiredness
If you are tired reading, reduce the time you spend on reading to 10-15 minutes chunks.
2. If you have music playing when you are bored reading, make it upbeat and energetic.
3. Use multi-sensory reading
4. Breath deeply and stretch every few minutes
5. Do aerobic exercise during your breaks. Jump up and down a beat to get the oxygen flowing.
6. Make sure you have a very good reason if you read through your tiredness.
7. Do not go on longer than you have to stop when you are done and have a good rest.
8. Avoid working through the night.
9. Avoid excess sugar or starch.
10. Avoid caffeine for maximum performance, you want to be alert, not jittery.
11. Reading at the right time of the day. You may notice that you can concentrate more at a certain time of the day than other at times.
12. Do not aim to rush to the end of the story. Concentrate through careful thoughts, be involved.

13. Comfort, fresh air and adequate light are necessary. Be comfortable as possible without becoming sleepy.
14. Light
(Day light is the best unless you are using a PC or monitor or florescent light). A general rule is that the main source of light should come over the shoulder opposite to your writing hand.
15. Desk and chairs positioning
position the desk and chair to the appropriate and convenient height to the floor....
16. Work distraction
people demanding your attention while reading should be controlled.
Avoid accepting reading materials from people unless you are sure you have to read it.
Spend a maximum 20 minutes a day sorting through your mail and e-mail.
17. Take care of your eyes
18. Massage your nose bridge, around your eye socket and the corner of your eyes with your thumb.
19. Be curious and passionate about the subject matter you are reading.
20. Relax and get reading more interesting.
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