7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

 It feels like more and more, the days are filled with infinite Facebook newsfeed updates with all of the easy “brainless” activities we do throughout the day, it can feel like our brain begins to turn to mush. It’s incredibly important to stay alert, focused and exercise mental health. A long life of happiness comes from the inside-out, and we want to continue evolving rather than simply becoming lazier.
7 ways to boost brain power
Boost brain power

Here are 7 Ways To Boost Your Brain power Every Day:

1. Meditation: Decreases anxiety  improves focus by improving the mind-body connection

2. Exercise: Enhance your mood boost energy, a strong body translates to a strong mind

3. Cook for Yourself: Understand the foods you’re putting in your body, experiment with different ingredients and flavors

4. Eat More Greens:  Alkaline the body by balancing pH, aids in digestive health brain functionality.

5. Journal: Write down thoughts, feelings and ideas, exercise creativity while boosting emotional health. Better to get a diary. 

6. Board Games: Stimulate the right and left sides of the brain, may prevent memory loss as we age. The theory of neuroplasticity confirms this. 
7. Sleep More! Sleep helps the mind organize information overload, essential for a day of focus and productivity. All the toxins harmful to the body are eliminated during this period.

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