7 Health Benefits of Carrot

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The benefits of carrot are no longer secrets. Carrot is known for its ability to increase visual acuity but there are a lot of benefits other than just visual acuity. These benefits have been discovered through various experimental research cross-continental.

Health benefits of carrot
Benefits of carot
- Reducing the risk of cancer: because of its chemical properties alphacarotenene and bioflavonoids in carrots. Carrots are now associated with lower risk of cancer, more
specifically, lung cancer. However, research suggests that one better stick to those carotenoids rather than beta-carotene supplements which could be harmful to smokers.

- Improve retention by reducing memory loss: 
 Carrot was studied in Netherlands and researchers concluded that the beta-carotene in the vegetable are especially from carrots protected the Central Nervous System from aging. Similar discovery in Harvard. This in fact confirms the principle of neuroplasticity, Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, and the Nerve Growth Factor.

- Carrot is an antioxidant 

 So this justifies its use to a minimal risk of diabetes. In a study, beta-carotene concentrated blood had 32 percent lower insulin than those with less beta-caroten concentration in their blood
- visual improvement:
Popularly, carrot is noted for its ability to improve visual acuity- that is, visual sharpness so that one is less likely to develop blur vision or some other forms of visual impairments.

- Lower cholesterol level:
Its high amount of soluble fibre largely derives from Pectin enhance the slow down of cholesterol. This was discovered in the US government study that participants who ate about a cup of carrots each day for three weeks lowered their cholesterol level.

- It is also important to note that Carrots is rich in potassium, magnesium, biotin, calcium, sodium, phosphorus and some trace minerals.
- Acne treatment:
Carrot is powerful in clearing/detoxifying the liver therefore is very effective for acne which are caused by toxicity of the blood.

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