Dear Parents, We Can Make Choices Now

          We are now grown-ups, not puppets.

   Dear parents, we are no longer the puppets we use to be to your face. When will  you stop tossing us around? you still have enormous influence to our decisions about the kind of dress we put on, hair do, how to interact with strangers even up till this day, the choice of career an to whom we will get married. Career? Marriage? Huh!

   Ever since our childhood have you started kidding us around and we mummy and daddy you all the time but alas! The trend has changed, we realize this very fact because we are more mature as evident in the products of our brain which is the more logical and rational. Why should you always make the choice of everything for us? 

We are no longer the puppets we used to be to your face.
  it is not strage at all to see some parents still treating their grown-ups as babies. Hahaa!

   You guide us here an there an every now and then but listen, some have misguided their sons and daughters. When this is later realized, who to feel remorse? parent or their children.

  Should we always adhere to you dictates even when those dictates  are counteracts to our social, psychological, physical and sometimes spiritual well-being and over all happiness?

   I laughed when I hear a girl say, ''mum, I'm not gonna wear this but, I'm gonna where that shoe, just let me be'' Why the dictate in the first place? After all, the shoe isn't bad. Is it?
 I' m happy that when I almost fall the victim of accepting the career one of my eldres trie to foist on me I sought the means of cleverly manipulating it to my own interest, what I derive joy doing, what I am capable of because I know the best the can do for mme is to guide me one whatever career path I chosen.
   How will you always satisfy the needs of your parents about or their concern for you. This may sound ridiculous because it's not their sole need or  concern, it's yours. You have to be happy.

 7 parental dictates that suck

 1. The choice of career                              2. The choice of spouse
 3. The choice of wears      
 4.The choice of place to go  
 5. The choice of what friend
 6. The choice of interest
 7. The choice of value

 1.The choice of career:
 This is the guidance from childhood about the subject to be chosen in school varying from art, science and finance/commercial class. Consider a hypothetical case of a son/daughter whose parents being lawyers is misguided to become a lawyer because  such parents felt Law is the most appropriate for their offsprings.

 2. Choice of spouse:
I know this may sound ridiculous but don't deride this fact, it does happen. It's not different from the classical Romeo and Juliet play where the two opposing households (Montagues and Capulet's) about the wed-lock of the two lovers. Good  to read the interesting part the the two lovers sought  a way of making each other happy but one may deduce from this fact to be the cause of their death.

3. The choice of wears:
   Parents, we are not puppets for God's sake! Why would  they havve their way into dress? I already know your stress because you want to argue the appropriate way of dressing but listen, we have moral sense too but we don't wanna look odd in austerity. We can differentiate what is right from  that which is wrong. Don't worry, we won't go naked.

 4. Choice of events or places to visit:
  This is a behavior which is quite normal and appropriate in the child rearing practice but please when you guide your children or grown ups against some places to visit, don't over do it. We know it's dangerous to go some places but free us to explore and we will learn and discover more ourselves. We know already you do not want us to visit the bar (of beers) neither do you want us seek the service of sex worker.

5. The choice of friend:

 You are probably thinking there is justification for that may be due mostly to the popular cliche that says ''show me your friend and I  will tell you who you are''. Well, this I do not oppose since it is a societal demand that we should remain good boys and girls. Lol!

6. Choice of interest:

    This may seem untrue but it happens indirectly when we hear parents say ''I  don't like that ride called Bentley, I prefer Toyota Camry, pencil light''. Parents, why?

7. The choice of value:

   This is similar to the choice of interest as we may be interested in what we value or put so much regard. Value is however, rigid but may look simple at first until it becomes more complex as the order of the day that it eventually get itself interlocked with the society culture.  This value is what parents have passed  down generations and as such still remain the status quo  but any attempt by any child to challenge this status quo may cause conflict.
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