We are Imprisoned By the Social Spectacle

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Yes, we are. We dwell in the prison of social cognition, descended from ancestors whose primal motive was to survive, adapt, compete and select (THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES;Charles Darwin, 1859) for the appropriate environment that safe-guard them from danger- they are the homo species.

caged by the brain
Imprisoned by social cognition

They began psychology. They were in fact, cognitive psychologists, they thought and named almost all animals and objects that existed in their time. They acted on their freewill, they were strong and healthy. They were the natural men we once shared many similarities with. They are the origin!
However, the ages that follow these primal men began to deviate from the similarities they once shared with their ancestors (what many refer to as ape).   

These deviations are manifested in various forms such as the distortion in our thinking, sleep patterns, coping skills, and feeding. The distortion itself does not have much favour to offer humans but hazards here and there. This is the evolutionary moves of the earlier ages. Gradually, evolution re-occurred, the so-called Industrial and French revolution of the 18th and 19th century. 

A juxtaposition could be made concerning the social cognition of the ancient times and the social cognition of this present epoch. Have you ever think about the renowned inventors, scientists, engineers, and artists of the ancient time? Just observe through the literature, media and the documentary about them.


   Do you give a damn what others think of or how they would react to your actions? Look at Einstein, Faraday, Newton and Aristotle. All these figure were creative and motivated to achieve their goals by breaking any obstacles that may stop them from implementing their thoughtful plans. Einstein for example, didn't give a damn what you think about the way he dresses or express himself in the public arena, he's not social hypocrites, he was free as many of them would. 

They were not imprisoned in what you think about them. To this present context, humans are socio-cognitively imprisoned but their apical ancestors and ancestress were not. Well, maybe laws that regulate our behaviors are too much these days. Are there no laws in the olden days? Of course there were. There were even many of them! What about the ten commandments? It's good to be original though but I do not encourage anyone to go weird. Just free yourself from that prison.

Furthermore, we live in a world of luxury where many people want to get the latest ride in town, nice dresses, and tourism across the globe, altogether nice living on nice income. These things are often desired and acquired not only because humans are kleptomaniacs wanting everything at all cost but because humans want to convey impressions that would mean they are not inferior on the mind of others, may be a natural way to compensate for the inherent inferiority complex, anyway. 

So you invest those precious time and money on social and luxurious stuffs alone! Does it worth it, and is it worthwhile? Well, it may sound cool and cute but less creative. Less creative because people only desire, acquire, acquire and acquire with little or no perspiration to create stuffs. Do you only consume more than you furnish? Haha!

Man, live your life in self-fulfilling ways without necessarily being extravagant .Free yourself from the chains and shackles of the socio-cognitive prison.

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