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Brainology | Neuroplasticity | Brain science
 Brainology, neuroplasticity and brain science are the core philosophies of Neuroscientia: a cognitive neuroscience and mental health platform . Knowledge of brain research starts from the basics of neuroscience and this is why Neuroscientia is the 'Heart of Brain Research'. Neuroscientia offers both neuroscientific and neuro-opinionated materials.
Brainology is an online educational programme integrated with self-help, positive psychology, cognitive neuroscience and mental health; it is scientifically supposed that observation of these integrated techniques can help an individual to facilitate their intelligence, learning, memory, creativity and motivation.
Neuroplasticity has become a popular concept in neuropsychology literature, elucidating the ability of the brain to re-wire itself depending on experience in a given environment; while brain science could be portrayed as the knowledge of the brain as it relates to behaviour.
      Following Dr. Carol Dweck (1999).
  • Dweck, C. S. (1999). Self-theories: Their role in motivation, personality and development. Philadelphia: Psychology Press.

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