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Do you want to learn about how the brain works, how people learn, basic theories of the brain, and IQ test? Here at Neuroscientia, we debunk myths about IQ tests. Neuroscientia also offers both neuroscientific and neuro-opinionated materials while serving as  a mini neuroscience research aggregator. Feel free to get involved.

Also, essential is an online educational programme integrated with self-help, cognitive psychology and mental health called brainology (initally theorized by Prof. Carol Dweck, 1999) which can help an individual facilitate their intelligence, learning, memory, creativity and motivation ~the basic contents on this blog.

Neuroplasticity has become a popular concept in cognitive psychology and neuroscience literature, explaining the ability of the brain to re-wire itself depending on experience in a given environment; while brain science could be portrayed as the knowledge of the brain as it relates to behaviour.
      Following Dr. Carol Dweck (1999).
  • Dweck, C. S. (1999). Self-theories: Their role in motivation, personality and development. Philadelphia: Psychology Press.

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