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Neuroscientia accept contributions from other authors, bloggers, free thinkers and freelancers. The theme of this platform centers around brain science, IQ test and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We welcome you.
Example of articles we accept:

9 Unrivaled Ways to Increase Your IQ With 35 Points

17 Best IQ Boosters

7 Fast Ways to Recover from Brain Injury

9 Benefits of Apple to the Brain

11 Brain Games that Makes You Supersmart

15 Tips to Learn According to Brain Theories

The list goes on.

         Here's what you need to know

# Word count
Posts typically run between 700 or more words. Some accepted articles are about 2000+ words. Note that informative, meaningful and unique contents have more chances of approval.

# Tone
Use inclusive, friendly and professional tone.

# No abusive and adult content
Take a look around and see what we have previously posted.

#Submit Original
We don't accept plagarized content. Why? It is intellectual theft and Google hates it.

# Tell us who you are:

Include your biography in 2-3 sentences. The bio may also contain links to your website, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts.

# Language
Stick to plain US/UK English

#Multiple posts at a time is fine
If that's your choice, you can write as many posts as possible.

We assure you that every single submission that is received would be read. If your post has been accepted, we will notify you so as to publish or feature it just As Soon As Possible.

#Reference deemed appropriate
Provide references or sources (usually academic) of the article  but without links in it. If the source is a link, it would be nofollowed (i.e. passing zero link juice).

# Privacy
 you must accept our privacy policy.

# Image describing the article
Contributors are encouraged to submit photos with their posts. The pixel should be of moderate/medium size to fit the post.

# Link policy
We only accept two links (first one in article body, second one in author bio).

... Your brief biography

          Why write for Neuroscientia?

    Here are few reasons you should share your idea at this compendium.

- You will change lives by inspiring and motivating people around the world.

- You will reach a global audience.

- You will meet new people, new writers, intellectuals and new friends alike.

- No deadline to post submission. You can submit post at will and your convenient time.

- Write your own voice. You are free.

Note: we reserve the right to modify your content in order to meet webmaster guidelines, literary and research ethics.

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   Please e-mail us the following if you are ready to submit:

... Full post in plain text (not .doc or .pdf). Be sure to add an attachment of the post image (.jpeg or .png) in the email you would send.

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