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Neuroscientia wants you to speak your mind by allowing you to contribute to this growing platform of Inspiration, Self-Help and Brain science.

         Here's what you need to know

# Word count: no minimum but posts typically run between 700 or more words. Some accepted articles are about 2000+ words. Note that informative, meaningful and unique contents have more chances of approval.

# Tone: use inclusive, friendly and professional tone.

# No profanity, adult content or any content of pornographic nature, and generally positive. Take a look around and see what we have previously posted.

‪# Neuroscientia values content related to the theme of this blog. These are inspiration, creativity, idea, opinion but lengthy, brain science/neuroscience, relationship, religion/high power, philosophy,  career, tip(s) and How to(s).

#Neuroscientia requires that posts submitted be unique and original

# Tell us who you are:

include your biography and promotion in 2-3 sentences. Neuroscientia would be more than happy to have you contribute to the compendium. The bio may also contain links to your website, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts.

# stick to plain US/UK English

# In your content, be really specific

# You can submit multiple posts at a time: If that's your choice, you can write as many posts as possible

We assure you that every single submission that is received would be read. If your post has been accepted, we will notify you so as to publish or feature it just As Soon As Possible.

# By submitting to Neuroscientia, you agree with our privacy policy

# photos: all contributors are encouraged to submit photos with their posts. The pixel should be of moderate/medium size to fit the post.

          Why write for Neuroscientia?

    Here are few reasons you should share your idea at this compendium.

- You will change lives by inspiring and motivating people around the world.

- You will reach a global audience.

- You will meet new people, new writers, intellectuals and new friends alike.

- No deadline to post submission. You can submit post at will and your convenient time.

- Write your own voice. You are free.

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   Please e-mail us the following if you are ready to submit:
... Full post in PDF file (not .doc). To help us speed up the approval process, please convert the PDF file to HTML and send us both versions (PDF and its embeddable HTML). You can do this through Google drive or any other software/apps.

... Relevant images for the post

... Your brief biography

Please send all the above to the Admin's e-mail address:


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