Creativity Test
The following 10 multiple choice problems are very difficult. You will have to think "outside of the box" to solve them. If you are not certain of an answer, be sure to guess. You can rate yourself using the following table:

Creativity Quotient/Score Interpretation Table

Number Correct                 CQ and Percentile
     0-1                   CQ   0 - IQ  90 / 0-25
     2-3                   CQ  90 - IQ  110/25-75
      4                    CQ 110 - IQ  130/75-98
      5                    CQ 130 - IQ  138/98-99
     6-7                   CQ 138 - IQ  150/99-99.9
     8-10                           IQ 150+/99.9+

Creative Thinking Puzzles

What is creativity?

Creativity is a person's ability to make up new ideas for problem-solving. This is more than intelligence, which is quantifiable by the IQ test. Unlike the IQ test, creativity is more difficult to measure, as it relates to divergent thinking, while intelligence is related to convergent thinking, psychologically speaking.

creativity test
Creativity test

Characteristics of Creativity

  • Creative individuals have the tendency to be naive and equally smart at the same time.
  • Creative individuals often do things that are unusual and seemingly eccentric. Consider Einstein's E = MC squared
  • Creative individuals tend to be disciplined in manners
  • Creative people have a good sense of humor
  • Creative individuals are always thoughtful until they reach the aha period.
  • Creative individuals tend to repel androgyny and misogyny.
  • Creative individuals alternate between imagination and fantasy ant one end, and rooted sense of reality at the other (Rose, 1975)
  • Generally, creative people are non-conformist
  • Creative people tend to be passionate and objective in their career
  • Creative people tend to be optimistic
  • Openness to new experiences and ideas is common among creative people.


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