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What does an IQ Score of 188 Mean?

According to Lewis terman, who developed the original notion of IQ and proposed the classification of IQ scores, 188 is basically off the charts. (over 140 was considered genius or near-genius to terman and most modern day psychologists believe that 150 is definately "genius" level).

IQ of 188
IQ chart
But people have different capabilities. Some people with extremely high IQs may not appear to be as prodigious as their IQ score would indicate, while others may have nearly perfect memories and savant like abilities in memory, math, music and the arts.

However, your question isn't really pertaining to intelligence, but ethics. There are plenty of intelligent people out there who have no real concept of right or wrong. many serial killers test several standard deviations above the norm, if not more, but they are still serial killers.

A person with an IQ of 188 means that they scored well on the subtests of a modern proctored IQ test, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will demonstrate common sense or be ethical. Intelligence and morality or two entirely different iss
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