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What Does an IQ Score of 145 Mean?

An IQ score of 145 means that you are a genius.

IQ 148
Einstein's IQ
You need to know, most likely in light of the fact that you got this IQ score, or your companion got it. Your IQ is so near Einstein's (160), paying little heed to the sort of IQ test (Mensa, Progressive Matrices, Wechsler and so forth.).

In any case, before you begin feeling like the entire world is in your grasp, you need to realize that IQ scores are not supreme scores that set Mr. A separated from Mr. B in an unchanging manner. What does this mean.

What it implies?
It implies that your IQ is liable to change anytime. You may take the same or comparable test in the following 48 hours and score 135 on it. A 10-point IQ reduction. Isn't it?

Let's assume, you took Mensa, on the off chance that you take Wechsler whenever you may score 145 despite the fact that, the two diverse IQ tests have high agreements
in terms of psychometrics.

Your IQ of 145 does not ensure pragmatic shrewdness. It doesn't ensure answers for day by day life confounds. It's only a figure and you are in an ideal situation when innovativeness is included.

It doen't mean you are sharp, having a high Intelligence Quotient purpose of 145.

The appropriation of this tremendous score on the IQ chart implies that lone somewhere in the range of 10 or under 10% of the population falls inside this range: those of whom we call prodigies.

Now what? Forget what IQ says, start living your dreams now.
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