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IQ Chart

IQ chart

What is the IQ chart? IQ chart is an infographic display of the various IQ scores, which also means the various IQ classifications from the lowest possible IQ score to the highest possible IQ score, so that each classification is related to a percentile rank that has many other ranks above or below it.

IQ chart
IQ chart

IQ classification
IQ graph of normal distribution

Is the IQ chart accurate?

The IQ chart is absolutely accurate. It does not really matter, the type of IQ test you take since an IQ score can be converted to a percentile rank so that it relates with other IQ scores on other IQ tests, given some criteria metrics such as a Mean (usually 100) and a Standard Deviation (usually 15), depending on the scale/IQ test.

You might want to have a look at this quick IQ test. Free, fast, and fun. You would get instant result with the IQ chart displaying the percentile rank of your IQ. Go have some fun now.

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