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Should You Really Practise for an IQ Test?

Are you thinking about practising for an IQ test? Have you ever practised for an IQ test? If that appeals to you, no doubt your IQ score would have gotten a boost especially, if you took any of those tests prep, or learned some professional courses that can boost your intellectual prowess, online. Want to start boosting your IQ? register here on this platform.

practise for IQ test
Practise for IQ test?

Does Practising for IQ test make sense?

But the question still remains, 'does practising for an IQ test make its result trustable'? Does it really make sense to bank on the results of an IQ test we practised for? Rationally, if one should go by the traditional definition of the IQ test,

Intelligence is a person's ability to act purposefully, think rationally, and deal effectively with the environment - ( Wechsler).
 Here, there seems to be a contradiction against practising for an IQ test. How? Any instrument purported to measure intelligence should really measure the intelligence it is purported to measure, such that no external factor (e.g the test itself) would be able to defile its result. In this regard, the IQ test must be reliable 100% of the time. But the only way to ensure this is not to practise for the test since such would be an external factor which tends to bias the test result. S what? A reliable IQ testing must catch you unaware, unless for special purposes like mental retardation which needs an immediate clinical concern. This would be an IQ test offered impromptu, so that the test taker has no chance to think about preparing for the test. Makes sense right?

Practise for an IQ test? Bullshit

An IQ test is a totally different cognitive assessment concept, both in theory and practice. It is not memory test unless you choose to call it a memory game. So, why the hell do you want to prepare for it? Have a look at the list below, why you should not practise for an IQ test:

  1. IQ test is not SAT.
  2. IQ test is not GRE.
  3. IQ test is not TOEFL.
  4. IQ test is not GMAT.
  5. IQ test is not JAMB.
  6. IQ test is not UME.
  7.  IQ test is not GCE.
  8. IQ test is not WAEC.
  9. IQ test is not NECO.
  10. IQ test is not IELTS.
  11. IQ =/= creativity.
  12. IQ =/= EQ.

Practise for an IQ test? Thumbs up

  1. Many organizations and recruitment agencies use it. You don't want to miss job opportunities.
  2. Fun to test one's IQ, anyway.
  3. You might want to be part of Mensa [IQ society].
  4. If you call it a bragging right, it really is.
  5. Many people are thrilled by IQ.
  6. You might get featured in reputable digital magazines.

Take away

Having said, the choice about whether to practise for an IQ test is yours, but for the fact that some organisations and companies still rely on it [while other rely on aptitude test] for selection and recruitment purpose, is a good reason to practise for any type of cognitive ability test. Otherwise, practising for an IQ test would be a waste of time.

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