How to Pass the Mensa Test

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The only tutorial you need on how to pass the Mensa test now. If you have really want to pass the Mensa IQ test, you would have to practise some useful tips, though the tips are not just limited to Mensa but could also be applied to other types of IQ test.

Pass the Mensa IQ test
Pass the Mensa test
Why Mensa?
Mensa is a standardized IQ test designed by an internationally recognized body of cognitive assessment professionals, composed of highly intelligent and qualified people around the world. In fact you can never become a Mensa member unless you have an IQ score [preferably Mensa] of 130+.

Should you apply to take the Mensa Test?
In case you are looking to apply to take the Mensa IQ test, consider that Mensa test is not an easy IQ test you can just ace with little to no practise and that this type of test has been around many decades ago; it has gained a great deal of reputation and trust in the cognitive assessment industry since it has minimal flaws related to psychometric properties (validity and reliability), though critics would argue that the test is imbued with cultural bias [one of the reasons than Raven’s Progressive Matrices is favoured over Mensa].

Nevertheless, Mensa test is still a great measure of logic, abstract thinking, verbal and quantitative abilities.
With minimal digression, you actually want to learn how to ace the Mensa IQ test.
Below are the six tips you want to practise to score 130+ IQ score:

1. No fears
If you are really looking to boost your IQ score on an IQ test especially Mensa, you would have to let go of your fears. This kind of fear is related to the uncertainty that you probably might not do well on the test – distraction which is capable of reducing your self-confidence.; you would have to let go of this form of distraction which can put your IQ score at the lowest rung of the IQ ladder. You want to climb up, don’t you?

2. Boost your self-confidence
To do this, you would have to recite the confidence-boosting mantra all the time till it gets registered in your subconscious and conscious mind: “I can and I will”. This is actually going to kill that fear because it is called the ‘fear antidote’. After confidence, the next tip you want to practise is ideal preparation through rehearsal.

3. Rehearsal
While confidence is good, it is still not sufficient in itself to help you ace the Mensa IQ test. Not until you project your confidence unto some stimuli like practice IQ test questions, taking a free IQ test etc., confidence would be just meaningless.

Your rehearsal or practise should begin from paying attention details to identifying similar patterns to studying geometrics and arithmetics etc. Of course, this practice could be done geometrically, arithmetically or figuratively in practical terms.

For example, the configuration of the stars (stellar configuration) around the moon as you take a look at it in the evening, could relate to a meaningful illusion you could make sense of. Practising sample questions on arithmetic and geometric progression could go a long way in boosting you IQ score insanely. After all, it is certain that you would see this kind of questions on your Mensa Test.

4. Practise free IQ tests
If you do not know how to start or find the best one, your best bet is Neuroscientia Free IQ test which you could start using now. This test would help you prepare as is you are in the ideal test environment. Although, it is a fun brain game but you certainly have nothing to lose, so go give it a shot.

5. Solve puzzles
Puzzles could be anything from brick games to brain teasers or just something like the Sudoku. While puzzles could be fun, they are more than just fun since they induce goal-oriented behaviours.

Puzzles would make you want to think a new solution to a problem or just get it figured out – this is true of Mensa and any other IQ test, so try to go for puzzles too. It doesn’t harm to have some intellectual fun. Does it?

6. Controlled eating regiment
The easiest way to put your IQ score in the imbecilic spectrum of the IQ curve is to eat junks and processed sugar. These are merely artificial sugar that would do more harm than good to your brain health.

Otherwise, a good eating regimen would always include some brain boosting recipes like see food, almond, glucose, fructose, omega 3, honey and milk. After all, the brain takes a minimum of 30% of the cardiac output and it won’t be a bad idea to help it out and go ace that IQ test.

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