What Does an IQ Score of 138 Mean?

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138 is a decent IQ score. Truth be told, 138 IQ implies that you are exceptionally intelligent. A 138 IQ would put you on the high end of the IQ score spectrum, though there are different ceilings for different IQ tests.

IQ score of 138
IQ score of 138
To place it in context, most IQ scores run from 40 to 140. Normal IQ ranges from 80 to 120. In this manner, an IQ of 138 is clearly great. There are a few people with a higher score than you, however rest guaranteed that you are path better than expected and the vast majority have a lower IQ score than 138.

It relies upon the test what the "cutoff" is. This breaking point is known as the test's ceiling. Most tests have ceiling over 140. The WAIS for instance I accept has a ceiling of around 155. The WISC-IV has a ceiling of 160 and the Stanford Binet has a higher roof.

Your score of 138 is to a great degree high. It is in the 99.4th percentile which essentially implies that you performed preferable on the test over 99.4% of people in the example the test was normed on. A score of 138 is likely impressively beneath the ceiling however so I don't think you truly need to stress over "fixing out."

Albert Einstein was evaluated to have an IQ somewhere within the range of 160-180. There are no records of him consistently being tested, so we don't know for beyond any doubt what his IQ was.

Motivated? If you were amazed then I can perceive any reason why you might be. IQ tests aren't for the most part measures of accomplishment nor do they foresee future accomplishment. They just measure your thinking capacities compared with other individuals of a similar age group.

There's very little exhortation I could give you with the exception that you support your blessings and satisfy your potential. You may profit by advancement programs increasingly or skirting a review or two. Verify whether your school offers any skilled and capable projects or search for these in your group.
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