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What Does an IQ Score of 110 Mean?

An IQ score of 110 is an average IQ score that is 10 IQ points higher than 100 (95% of the statistics). 68% of the populace falls within to the IQ score of 85 - 115 on the IQ spectrum. (See the chart above).

In case you don't know already, an IQ score is the score obtained from an IQ test to categorize a person on the basis of intelligence using some criteria which have stood the test of time.

How accurate are IQ test?
Depending on the type of test, accurate IQ tests are usually unbiased and devoid of sentiment. Tested your IQ already? Note that many IQ tests have issues with validity and reliability.

Is 110 a good IQ score?
Did you scored this high on a standard IQ test? If your answer is YES, 110 is a good IQ score provided you took a reliable test but this isn't a superior IQ score so you would want to improve your IQ.

How to improve IQ score
Doubt it is possible to improve your own IQ score? Doubt no more. Your IQ isn't static for life because there are many factors influencing intelligence; these factors do change, so do IQ changes with them. Below are practical tips to help you boost your IQ score to the next level:

- Exercise

- Eat sea food

- Practise brain games

- Sleep well

- Meditate

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