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What Does an IQ Score of 105 Mean?

105 IQ test score
IQ score of 105
An IQ score of 105 does mean that you are averagely intelligent as depicted in this chart. Many people fall within 85 - 115 (68% of the populace) . 105 is a good IQ score so you have nothing to worry about. However, you might want to boost your IQ higher than this. How? By using basic tips and tricks of IQ test found on this platform.

Does IQ mean Intelligence?
The simple answer is NO. IQ doesn't necessarily mean intelligence because IQ in itself is only a figure that serves as hint about a person's potential to learn or knowledge garnered overtime. Such knowledge most often relates to logical reasoning, verbal reasoning. Since IQ tests have pros and cons and thus fundamentally flawed, it becomes increasingly difficult to bank on IQ tests as reliable measure of intelligence.

However, some realiable IQ tests can prove useful. For instance, Raven's Progressive Matrices can hint about intelligence as it relates to problem solving and creativity. Unlike traditional IQ tests which are verbally and culturally biased. This notion isn't to sell Raven's test, the test has only proven some reasonable psychometric support; not 100% reliable, though.

Scored 105, now what?
Literally, nothing but a little thumbs up that you aced an IQ test into the average 68% of the statistics. Apparently, this IQ isn't huge at all but at least, you qualify reasonably points past imbecile on the IQ spectrum... 😃😅 and that' wh😎t? Cool. You would want to raise your IQ score in a society of IQ-crazed like European and American societies. Isn't it?

Take away
Want to boost your IQ score even higher, these are practical tips to help your raise your score to the next level:

- Practise IQ test questions

- Immerse yourself in brain games

- Solve puzzles

- Practise meditation and relaxation

- Balance your diet.

- Eat sea food to enhance brain power

If you haven't already done so, go have some fun by taking our free IQ test now.
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