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What Does an IQ Score of 135 Mean?

Did you aced an IQ test that results in 135 IQ score? An IQ score of 135 means that you have a superior intelligence. It is important to note that IQ scores can fluctuate depending on many factors. It is not uncommon that factors like age, test environment, stress etc. can significantly affect your performance on an IQ test.

IQ ranges
IQ ranges on Gaussian curve
You are no doubt at the 2 percentile. Percentile is not the same as rate. Being at the 2 percentile implies out of 100 other individuals who took that test, you rank 2nd. You are not more intelligent than 2% of the populace, according to statististical criteria (gaussian distribution) of IQ test as in the diagram above.

If you have ever tested your IQ online and another on standardized professional format and compared the two, you would have noticed how online IQ tests are very mistaken. This is the major reason you don't really want to bank on internet IQ test. Took an internet IQ test and scored 135? Maybe you took trash; go take a standard test or have some fun with our free IQ test now.

Scored 135, now what?
If you don't know already, an IQ score only literally means what it purports to mean, not what it purports to measure. How? IQ tests were designed with the sole aim to measure intelligence but practically, this is a lie.

They don't actually measure your intelligence; they only measure IQ. Difference between IQ and intelligence? IQ is a score portraying the level of one's intelligence (which definitely could be a false definition, since an IQ test cannot assess one's overall intelligence, anyway) while intelligence is an umbrella term covering all concepts relating to intelligence. So wha? Intelligence is more than just IQ; therefore your IQ score of 135 means that you have an IQ score of 135, no more, no less.
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