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Importance of an IQ Score

Importance of IQ score
Is IQ test important?
If you have ever questioned IQ, it is likely going to be: what is the importance of IQ in life? Does IQ matter for success or just some random figure? Whatever question you have ever asked yourself about IQ really boils down to what sense the society makes of intelligence and the amount of value attached it.

Have your IQ tested already? Whether the answer is a YES or a NO, you want the testing to have some psychological fulfilments. Isn't it? Now, there are reasons for testing IQ and these reasons are what make IQ testing important. Below are the importance of IQ test.

1. Social desirability
People might want to know their IQ score in order to get approval of others or just get labelled as 'intellectual', be among the unusually high IQers or just get some prestige.

2. Social belongingness
IQ scores might set people apart from the general populace and place them among a particular group of IQers. For example, Mensa and Par are organisations into which a person with an IQ below 130+ cannot belong.

3. Academic success
IQ scores correlate with 'book smartness' and this is the major reason high IQers tends to perform well in school. People with relatively low IQ might be at a disadvantage. However, moderate IQers too can reach the same academic feat as a genius IQer. Ever seen an average IQer (IQ between 85 - 115) graduating suma cum laude?

Where IQ isn't all that matters is that they don't measure actual intelligence of a person. So what do IQ tests really test? IQ tests measure IQ itself. They don't measure emotional intelligence. Yes, just that figure, no more, no less. Having discussed the significance of IQ testing, you want to take a free IQ test now.

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