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Do IQ Tests Really Mean Anything?

Of course yes. IQ test really does mean something but there is a point of departure between IQ test and intelligence.

Do IQ test mean anything
What really do IQ tests test?
How? IQ test isn't what many people think it is and the misconceptions about it have become pervasive and metamorphosed into clich├ęs. Quite apart from what the crowd think, IQ is nothing more than your result on an IQ test but not necessarilly your overall intelligence. In fact, IQ =/= intelligence and intelligence isn't necessarily IQ. Rather, IQ is a correlational hint about intellectual prowess.

Quick facts about IQ and IQ test
These are quick facts about IQ test in case you're confused about IQ, IQ test, and intelligence.

☆ IQ =/= intelligence

☆ Intelligence is more elaborate than IQ

☆ IQ is a cue about intelligence

☆ IQ isn't necessarilly creativity

☆ IQ isn't necessarily emotional intelligence

☆ IQ is often miniatured into left-brain abilities

☆ Intelligence isn't miniaturization from IQ

☆ IQ score can make you feel stupid or laughed at

☆ IQ won't really matter about your overall achievement

☆ An intelligent person myth have a low IQ

☆ IQ is intently meaningless

How useful is IQ test?
IQ test is most often utilized in schools, mental homes, hospitals (Kranzler et al.), recruitment agencies, and IQ societies like Mensa and Pars. Now, do IQ tests really mean anything? Yes, they do.

Kranzler, J. & Floyd, R. (2013). Assessing intelligence in children and adolescents: A practical guide. Guilford Press.
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