How to Increase Your IQ to 200 Now

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Want to increase your IQ score to 200? Raising your IQ is actually possible and these are the simple brain hacks you need to boost and supercharge your intelligence up to 200 points.

Increase IQ to 200
Increase IQ to 200
Intelligence can be increased with the help of engaging mental activities which help in keeping the mind active and healthy. Everyone should play mind games.

Intelligence is a broad concept; it includes various things which complete the definition of intelligence. Intelligence can be increased by keeping mind busy in healthy activities which promote the mental development.

Environment also plays an important role in influencing the mindset of people. There are different ways to increase your IQ to 200 by adopting following activities in your life. These activities are discussed in this guest post.

1. Keep doing activities which involve active mental participation
Intelligence is not limited to attain good academic records because it is also possessed by illiterate persons as well.

It involves mental capabilities which empowers individual to undertake different tasks in a smooth way. Mental activities include mind games, puzzle games and those activities which require mind participation to complete the missing chunks in order to get complete information.

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There are different puzzle games which are quite helpful in keeping your mind active. Take keen interest to solve these games, it will help in other situations of life as well.

2. Keep exploring and always look for a causal relationship between things
Never stop asking (Why) because, it will help you to dig out for the answers. Asking questions to your own self and searching for relevant answers is also a kind of mental activity.

It enables people to develop critical thinking that is an important aspect of IQ. This will also help you in understanding the underlying pattern and relationship of everything which will make you more accurate in making predictions which could be helpful for you to make right decisions in less time.

An intelligent person has the ability to critically evaluate the things in a better way and he always comes up with sound decisions. It is possible when you explore things in a detailed way and find causal relationship between different things in our daily life.

3. Don’t forget an active mind depends on physical health
Physical health must not be ignored at any costs. Our successes and failures are dependent on our health. We should take proper care of our health if we want to score 200 on IQ.

Physical health enables us to participate in different mental activities. Energy rich diet should be included in daily life. Junk food, fast food and alcohol should be ignored if you want to score high on IQ.

Junk food and drugs affect the mental health and individual feels confusion in making wise decisions in right time. So, stay healthy and eat healthy so that you can thing in a better way.

Include yoga, walk and other exercises in your daily routine because these exercises are useful in making your minds active and energetic. A tired mind is never able to think in a proficient way and such people score low on IQ as well.

5. Take important decisions of your life on your own
Always trust your abilities to take decisions of your life. There are so many ways out to a given situation and you can always think innovatively to get out of the given situations in your life.

Always seek help from your elders but don’t depend on others to regulate your life. Take decisions which require wisdom. It will give you courage and you would be able to take right decisions of your life in an efficient way. IQ is related to taking right decisions of life because it shows the vividness of mind.

6. Be creative, think differently
There are so many things which have multiple facets as well. Try to think differently for given problems. Creativity is the soul of IQ and it can be attained by devising ways which are not only different but unique as well.

You can enhance your creativity by taking small steps, such as, make your class assignments in a different way or give unique suggestions to your community or society if there is a problematic situation in your community/society. Remember, the rule that creativity makes you distinct which will also help you in scoring high on IQ.

Having explained some of the ways which are beneficial in improving your IQ score, with constant practice you will be able to score 200 on IQ as well. Intelligence tests are composed of different sub- domains which require creativity, analytical thinking, and uniqueness.

Author Bio: this post was written by Alison Daewon, a Psychologist, Counselor and he provide Research Paper Help who is passionate to write on different tricks to increase your IQ score.


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