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 Neuroscientia would advertise any of your products. Such products could be anything legal e.g book, automobile, website, health, beauty, science, technology, and education.

Prohibited materials: we do not accept adverts deemed illegal or inappropriate such as; gambling, drugs, porn or adult content.

Advertisement Spaces:

- 125x125 Ad banner at the middle bar- Price- $19 per month

- 200×300 right side bar - Price $29 per month

- 250×300 right side bar - Price $39 per month

- 160x600 Skyscraper- Price $59 per month

- Feature post/Review- Price $27 per post/review. The post/review would be featured as trending post for complete 30 days. Where else could you get this at affordable price?

Have Any Further Queries?
Send an e-mail to: bukunmi@neuroscientia.com

We will get back to you ASAP (usually within few hours to few days). 

Bukunmi Adewumi.