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Pros and Cons of Intelligence Testing

Certainly, there are pros and cons of IQ testing because IQ tests are overhyped and fundamentally flawed. An IQ test can be used to obtain some figure which lies along a range of spectrum of figures (normal distribution curve), comparing an individual with many individuals. Having said, this type of test has some advantages and disavantages which shall be examined further.

Pros and cons of IQ testing
IQ test pros and cons

Pros of IQ testing
Advantages of IQ tests are numerous these ones are the most common ones among them.

1. Predictive shortcut
An IQ test can help an organization or institution to make decisions about placement of candidates into a category because the IQ is assumed to have foresight about how the candidates will perform in the future. For example, some schools may convert exams like SAT to Intellgence scores in order to place a prospective student into the appropriate class that suits his/her intelligence. Also, some companies have been using IQ tests to predict applicants' performance but this is no news and it is quite different from the traditional aptitude test.

2. Subtle form of motivation
Motivational boost is another advantage of IQ test. How? You just scored 140 on Mensa and this drives you crazy like "oh, I am a logical guru with genius brain" Make sense? This is a high self-esteem and appraisal. Isn't it?

3. Online tests can be fun
Unlike the traditional paper tests, many online tests are free (including intelligence test like this one). Many of these tests are mind games with no real proof of reliability.

4. Clearing a lot of self-doubts
If you have never tried it, testing your intelligence and knowing your score is really going to ease off problematic doubts about what your IQ could be. Once tested, you may not bother or anticipate for anything new about your intelligence and you will focus more on other important aspects of your life.

5. Room for improvement
There is a lot informations we have read and heard from the media, that there are brain training techniques and mind games. For example, brain products like lumosity, brain hq, and recently too, neural lace always promise to help us boost our brain functions.

Scientifically ridiculous? Maybe, but that is where Artificial Intelligence is dwelling already. The belief is you can boost up the power of your brain to become supersmart. Traditionally, this seems to synchronize with the theory of neuroplasticity.

Cons of IQ testing
It is crystal-clear that we have discussed some pros (advantages) of IQ testing, now let's look at its cons (disadvantages).

1. Predictive shortcut doesn't always work
There are so many types or facets of intelligence that IQ tests cannot handle. In fact, some studies have shown that there is negative correlation between Intelligence Quotient and Social competence where the latter is a product of Emotional Intelligence, which is a different type of intelligence.

2. Your low IQ score might demotivate you
This is logically appealing, we know that your IQ is only 83 but the story is always different for everyone on the other side - motivation. It may be tempting to agree that this score of 83 should drive you to acquire more skills, do mind games, explore more, study more etc. But the truth is, Mr. A. will react different from Mr. B. upon the result or an IQ test and this may make or mar your level of motivation.

3. Paper (standard IQ tests) are costly
Many Online tests are free, check the one on this blog. This is very easy to start and it takes only about 15 minutes but paper tests may empty your pocket. Want to try? Go for Mensa paper test. The problem with online tests is lack of reliability and validity (psychometric properties). No more, no less.

4. IQ obsession personality is bull shit
Do you always think about your intelligence Quotient? Do you love Mensa and progressive matrices so much that you want to test yourself daily or weekly? If your answer is yes, your are obsessed with that figure of intelligence. Solution? Go and talk to a clinical or counselling psychologist about it.

5. IQ tests might be just meaningless
What does this mean? Recruitment agencies should rethink their strategies because this figure may flaw accurate predictions of future performance of employee. Smart companies now rely on Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ).
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