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Is an IQ of 1000 Possible?

IQ score of 1000
IQ ranges
IQ score of 1000 is probably what the modern hype of high IQ is driving at. Maybe for the sake of media agenda or for commercial purposes as to sell the media to the general public.

 Ever heard names of celebrities in this hyper-hyped IQ scores? This piece supposed to be a tale. Maybe. The ultrasmart humans like Einstein and Mozart with IQ 160, Langan with IQ 195 and Terrence with an IQ score of 230. Unbelivable? Check the list of top 10 IQers in the world and it will surprise you..

I am not a big fan of IQ tests, you already know this. Why? IQ tests may deviate from measuring intelligence in real life puzzles, in fact they may deviate from telling us what we need to solve real life problems. Why? Many of them are abstract-thinking based. Better tests useful in measuring problem solving in daily life are measures of creativity. The two concepts (IQ and Creativity) aren' t the same.

What science says
It has also been noted in many IQ research that intelligence does have negative correlations with sociability, higher risk of mental illness, good health which results from self-induced sleep deprivation etc. This is only a few of the side effects of IQ-130+.

To attain 1000 IQ score [which seem almost impossible], as the world constantly revolves, maybe this would mean that humans have revolved past homo sapiens to become humanity 2.0. You know what? The super-smart. Watched the movie entitled Kyle XY? Lol.

That movie is full of tricks and science fictions: the lies we were told of possible super-smart IQ is materializing gradually. At least Elon Musk's Neural lace is an evidence to this ~ maybe Elon Musk's invention will soon turn humans to Kyle ~ humanity 2.0. In recent time, scientists in The Social Science Genome Association Consortium, an international collaboration involving some dozens of university labs, has identified a considerable number of regions of human DNA that affect cognitive ability.

They have shown that most of single-nucleotide polymorphisms in human DNA are statistically correlated with intelligence, even after correction for multiple testing of 1 million independent DNA regions, in a sample of over 100,000 individuals. That sample is even more sufficient to prove some points.
What do you think of this race of IQ speeds. Are we all or only you obsessed by it?


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